Shanghai beautiful rich was met 2018 – Shanghai beautif

Published on 2019-05-11

Shanghai beautiful rich was met 2018 – Shanghai beautiful rich is met – Shanghai beautiful rich was met 2018

Asian dimensions the beauty with the biggest, highest norms makeup regale — exposition of hairdressing of the 23rd China (Shanghai CBE) , be about to read extensively in Shanghai new international central flourishing age is performed!
Time: In May 2018 22-24 day (exhibit 3 days time)
Will exhibit on May 22, 2018 day 9.00-18.00
Will exhibit on May 23, 2018 the following day 9.00-18.00
Will exhibit the 3rd day on May 24, 2018, afternoon 4 ends
Place: Shanghai Pudong new international reads extensively center
Advocate? Run an unit: 100 article of meeting Shanghai can exhibit light workpoint of stimulative commission of China International trade limited company
Ginseng exhibit a contact: Xie Can 18616066686? ? QQ: 213037890

From China, to the Asia, reach the world again, chinese hairdressing exposition with ” everlasting ” footstep, aggregate whole world is banner resource. Absolutely, pass through CBE this pair of eyes, can share global innovation resource ceaselessly. All the time since, CBE is leading Chinese cosmetic the travel before the industry, development with the spirit of deal with concrete matters relating to work of diligent in an attempt to.
Annual Chinese hairdressing fair, aggregate the resource with high grade whole world of cosmetic industry chain, from supply catenary to be changed to day, professional hairdressing, built up large quantities of one domestic and international well-known companies and brand. On this large stage, many brands bring gain of newest research and development, release taste newly… encircle platform and vane as industry modes of life and relation to their environment, CBE presents the industry trend that give, it is to be reached in those days in the near future the serious business chance in. CBE, become already numerous each cosmetic person the place of inevitable seek by inquiry and look for!

Shanghai Pudong beautiful rich can be joined postpone a business nearly 3000, exhibit an area to amount to 260 thousand square metre, among them, OEM/ODM kind the You Ying that postpone business is special beautiful, division silk beautiful poem, division Ma, only guest happy, expression, too with the group (Li Xin gives birth to ability) appearance Dai, great river gives birth to cure Shanghai 100 Yue Te, Nuosibeier. Capable person of colour makeup bag has Korea SK, , Ning of Qu Shiti, A Kexi dragon, emperor China, be in harmony is added promote, the colour such as peaceful of Yan Changying large, Limengda, great makeup, and virtuous handsome dragon, Shen Da, inereasingly E, Ba so craft of haze, SamSung, , Aisuoer, bright and beautiful fill, village, praise the Chinese cosmetic such as abundant, Li Ji, rich Yang Fuchun is outstanding the supplier that pack. Enterprise of famous raw material has De Zhixin, Feierbier, love Bai Xin, Le Erfu, Yun Zhu, taste etc. And company of famous film lumber has get the better of special dragon, close numerous, 1000 clean are spent, Gui Zhi, types of facial makeup in operas. Additional, business of equipment of international package machine has beauty of German IKW, Germany most when, report of large department of Bulukena, Japan, Japan produces new treasure, Korea Lai Desi, light industrial, flying riverside, sincere promote, day tall, day is rich.

Exhibit a house to distributing:

W1 house — protect skin, individual to nurse things

W2 house — perfume, colour makeup and make up appliance

W3 house — colour makeup and make up baby of appliance, pregnant child nurse things, oral cavity nurses, family expenses catharsis

W4-1 house — colour makeup and make up appliance, protect skin

E1 house — face film, protect skin, man to nurse

E2 house — the country forms a delegation, entrance representative is tasted

E3 house — the country forms a delegation, international maintains article, entrance representative is tasted

E6 house – protect film of skin, face, wash protect, catharsis, sanitation nurses, paper products, retail mode and service of form a complete set

E7 house – international forms a delegation, entrance product

N5 house – entrance tide tastes colour makeup, of all kinds colour makeup perfume experience, arena walks along the category such as show to reveal

High-end hairdressing exhibits distributing:

E4 house — international forms a delegation, instrument of medical hairdressing, beauty parlour and SPA product, hairdressing

E5 house — international forms a delegation, product of embroider of beauty Jia Meijie lines, beautify hair product instrument and barbershop furniture

Day changes a technology to exhibit distributing:

W4-2 house – international hires capable person

W5 house — bag capable person

N1 house — international forms a delegation, OEM/ODM,

N2 house — international forms a delegation, capable person of raw material and recipe, bag

N3 house – international forms a delegation, mechanical equipment

N4 house – international forms a delegation, capable person of OEM/ODM, bag, mechanical equipment

Compare with the cosmetic company phase that 34 countries reach an area this year, 2018, CBE will recommend the company of more countries and area, predict to will 50 countries and area assist in all grand occasion. And the cultivated respect that buys the home in major, yi Youxin is broken through, service center of businessman of beautiful course of study of the CBE business alliance besides home, CBE, and association of each province city forms a delegation, general merchandise and shopping centers major buy the home to form a delegation outside, a textural is bought to will be extended further in Asian major, predict a poem to those who exceed 1000 to come from Asian area purchase agent of business, entrance, together view and emulate, the spot negotiates.
Business of action of the 23rd CBE is overall already open, do not miss the beauty 2018 makeup new business chance!
More ginseng exhibits information, contact please seek advice.

Ginseng exhibit connection unit:

100 article of Shanghai can exhibit limited company

Xie Can 18616066686

Small letter: 18616066686

QQ: 213037890


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