Lend strength ” pump valve heat wave ” east wind,

Published on 2019-05-11

Lend strength ” pump valve heat wave ” east wind, the market austral deep ploughing China, a powerful person of valve of pump of international of 2018 FLOWTECH Guangdong exhibits labor force to wait for hair

As ” China is made 2025 ” the issuance of the program and ” 935 ” arrival, pump valve product is in net of canal of processing of industrial waste water of the petro-chemical chemical industry that reach coal, town, natural gas, shipping, city is transformed, nuclear power plant, carry wait for a domain to having apply extensively, hua Na area to pump valve product beg buy specific gravity to rising stage by stage, this among them, guangdong is main province, the industrial development momentum of this area is powerful, the communication that promotes company of final user and scientific research, production cooperates. A powerful person of valve of pump of FLOWTECH Guangdong international is exhibited rely on advantage of Hua Na area, with ” Internet + ” shirt-sleeve, will ” China is made 2025 ” do not have with export trade seam a butt joint. Congress will link market demand, dig Hua Na area greatly high grade client, it is industrial catenary hard each square relevant and professional personage provides platform of efficient business affairs communication.

2018Pump of FLOWTECH Guangdong international is in charge of a powerful person to exhibit combinative market demand, will come on April 2 on April 4, 2018, in Guangzhou trade of the world that protect interest reads extensively the house kicks off grandly. Exhibit pump exhibits during the meeting / valve and actuator, conduit and join, the relevant product such as product of pump valve form a complete set and spare parts, predict to exhibit an area 40, 000 smooth rice, nearly 800 more than major exhibits business ginseng, local government of combination of general of the corresponding period and more than 10 guild hold communication of science of engineering of much field fluid to meet jointly, will gather together numerous and municipal, machinery is made, energy-saving environmental protection, pharmacy, eletroplate the audience participates in the domain major such as besmear outfit, for Hua Na pump valve market makes a trade gluttonous regale. Register formal already open beforehand now, click next graphs to participate in register beforehand, enjoy namely fast and special enter passageway, the spot has good manners photograph to send more.

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