Push green chemical industry, achieve circular economy

Published on 2019-05-11

Push green chemical industry, achieve circular economy

Green is made is the contemporary production mode that influence of environment of a kind of integrated consideration and resource use up, from products plan, make, pack, use discard as useless handle whole process, small to environmental influence, resource utilization rate is tall, integrated benefit is great. Green is made is human society can develop the strategy and circular economy mode to be reflected mediumly in modern manufacturing industry continuously essentially.

Each country of eye preexistence bound esteems concept of green chemical industry in big thrust, the occurrence of green chemical industry develops quickly for industry of our country chemical industry offerred good chance. Of technology of green chemical industry and reproducing technology perfect gradually, will pass ” become useless to be treasure ” , accomplish ” clean production ” resource uses industrialization, make area of new-style industry garden realizes the development mode of circular economy. Do not have inside scan widely course of study however one makes green chemical industry only kind of form a complete set exhibit what can make relevant equipment for the enterprise to look around with purchase. A powerful person of valve of Shanghai international pump is exhibited as now domestic scale is the largest, have authority most exhibit meeting, grasp supporting the concept that makes platform of the most professional environmental protection, will come on May 31, 2018 on June 2, the center can be exhibited in the country (Shanghai) kick off grandly. 70 thousand of smooth rice exceed large-scale, 1000 all that postpone business are present. Current exhibit meeting

Still will special open theme of chemical fluid environmental protection to exhibit, besides, sponsor just can open chemical trade every year relevant kind of height forum conference, reveal green to manufacture the latest technology of the domain, the 0 distances that implementation and green make are interactive.

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