Boiler of environmental protection of international of the 12

Published on 2019-05-11

Boiler of environmental protection of international of the 12nd 2018 Beijing reachs exhibition of new-style heating equipment

Be dedicated to making global boiler the first exhibit

One, exhibit can comprehensive information

Extend meeting theme: Develop new-style heating equipment energetically, drive clean the sources of energy new use, share blue sky of green jade water

Extend meeting time: On April 2, 2018 – 4 days

Exhibit meeting site: Center of Beijing country conference (bird’s nest east)

Extend meeting scope: 40 thousand smooth rice

Activity of the corresponding period: New facility of new product of the 12nd 2018 environmental protection is recommended meeting

New wind of the 12nd 2018 international is purified reach clean water equipment to exhibit

Boiler of international of the 12nd 2018 IBE exhibits gold to exhibit business to choose prize-giving activity

Boiler of international of the 12nd 2018 IBE exhibits actual strength to exhibit business to choose prize-giving activity

Boiler of international of the 12nd 2018 IBE exhibits technical innovation to exhibit business to choose prize-giving activity

Boiler of the 12nd 2018 international warms Cheng Lianyi meets a new wind only chemical industry

2, constituent unit

Support an unit: Development of People’s Republic of China of ministry of environmental protection of People’s Republic of China and reform committee 
Labour of People’s Republic of China believes government of ministry Beijing people

Sponsor an unit: Association of industry of Chinese low carbon  U.N. Industrial Development Organization 
Solar energy technology makes over a center committee of boiler of energy-saving environmental protection Bureau of Beijing environmental protection 
Beijing heating center World natural foundation

Plan to invite sponsor: Equipment of Chinese special type examines pressure vessel of boiler of association whole nation examines association
Boiler water of China of of of container of force of of of Zuo of city of Taipei of association of pressure vessel of Shanghai of society of countrywide machinist Cheng handles association

Undertake unit: Exhibition of Beijing flourishing brigade shows limited company

Support media: Net of industry of network of heating of net of equipment of China of Chinese boiler net
Alibaba network of data of net of mechanically-laid web equipment

Spot media: TV station of Heibei of TV station of Shandong of TV station of CCTV-13 CCTV-2 Beijing
TV of subway of TV of bus of airport of whole nation of TV station of Tianjin of TV station of Hubei of southern TV station

3, exhibit meeting general situation

In recent years, the heating of energy-saving environmental protection of our country popularizes the job to be below the joint efforts that saves fluctuation each, obtained very great progress, the place is various government, departmental the door and each are relevant the unit popularizes those who advance boiler of energy-saving environmental protection and new-style heating equipment reduce traditional boiler pollution to regard as energy-saving the important segment that reduces a platoon, the leader takes seriously, person specially assigned for a task is responsible, joint efforts, equipment of will traditional pollution is energy-saving fall the job of bad news pushed higher level.

Previous term or session ” boiler of IBE international environmental protection is exhibited ” in April 2017 6-8 day exhibits a center in China International (new house) hold ceremoniously! Exhibit the holds those who got environmental protection is in charge of a branch successfully height of the meeting to approbate. The Ethiopia is stationed in China embassy, Pakistan embassy, Brazil is stationed in China embassy, Germany embassy, Italy embassy, Russia embassy, Spain kingdom is stationed in China city of association of boiler of association of bureau of the sources of energy of center of business affairs of Asia of Industrial Development Organization of embassy, United States embassy, U.N. , Canada, United States, pressure vessel, Taiwan, 8 provinces.

Video of TV station of cable television of ministry of program of TV station of education of broadcasting station of broadcast of TV station of education of TV station of CCTV news channel, Beijing TV station, broadcasting station of Hong Kong commerce, France, China, China International, China, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Sohu, CCTV 10

Boiler of environmental protection of China of IBE(International Boiler Exhibition) and exhibition of new-style heating equipment serve as home is at present professional the strongest, the activity inside the industry with highest norms, be known as boiler of whole world environmental protection all the time the vane of warm current job, previous term or session exhibits dimensions: 15000 smooth rice. Go to a participation well-known trademark have: Fragrance Buddhist nun is Ke Ci, unripe can, day treasure, heart can, Mu Ge of Xin Pusen, new division, Outesi, the four seasons, Tian Shu, Aerpuer,Add up to 1500 Yu Jiazhan business had participated in IBE relevant activity, the corresponding period exhibits clean gas to purify, the relevant product such as out of stock of waste gas processing, to decoke and equipment.

The base that can run successfully is exhibited to go up in previous term or session, to promote home heating of energy-saving environmental protection reachs boiler industry the development of relevant enterprise, push industry new technology, new product further gain ground and apply, believe a support by ministry of environmental protection of Department of Commerce of Beijing people government, People’s Republic of China, People’s Republic of China, labour, by China technology of Industrial Development Organization of association of low carbon industry, U.N. , solar energy makes over heating of bureau of environmental protection of committee of boiler of center, energy-saving environmental protection, Beijing, Beijing foundation combination sponsors nature of center, world, plan to invite equipment of Chinese special type to examine pressure vessel of boiler of association, whole nation examines boiler water of of of container of force of of of Zuo of city of association of pressure vessel of society of machinist Cheng of association, whole nation, Shanghai, Taipei, China handles association to be sponsorred jointly, the boiler of environmental protection of international of the 12nd 2018 Beijing that exhibition of Beijing flourishing brigade reveals limited company, Asti Group Exhibition Company to undertake jointly and exhibition of new-style heating equipment arrive 04 days to be in center of Beijing country conference to be held ceremoniously on April 2, 2018. Showpiece dimensions: 40000 smooth rice, exhibit digit to measure: 1523, the audience predicts 40 thousand person-time.

At the appointed time, the organizing committee still will be organized a series of before the technology of look up sex, practical, oriented sex communicates and taste newly release wait for an activity, provide a capacious communication platform for user, enterprise, research organization and trade group. Congress organizing committee will organize plan to make both sides of supply and demand for you with the the highest norms, most large-scale, most perfect job optimal reveal communication to purchase platform, cordial welcome new old friend signs up eagerly attend!

4, place introduction

Place introduction: The national conference center with grandiose imposing manner is located in area of center of Beijing Olympic park, cubic metre of proximate bird’s nest, water and national gymnasium, always make an appointment with 12.22 hectare with ground area, total floor area is 530 thousand square metre about. Among them area of the conference, exhibition 270 thousand square metre, main body builds underground 2, on the ground 8, 42 meters tall, 398 meters long, 148 meters wide, it is floor area of the monomer in project of construction of whole Olympic Games is the largest; Floor area of establishment of form a complete set makes an appointment with 260 thousand square metre, include the construction such as 2 2 hotels, office building, commerce. The conference center that as China advantageous, circumjacent form a complete set perfects the biggest, newest, situation, national conference center is dedicated to becoming have world top-ranking level, the large meeting that can satisfy a variety of large conference, exhibition, public activities and need of hotel guest room exhibits a center.

Place traffic:

National conference center is located in capital north 4 annulus, inferior the core that abstruse business encircles, be apart from capital airport 26 kilometers, drive car needs 30 minutes only, communication is extremely easy. Sightseeing is visited or arrive to Tian An Men, Summer Palace, Great Wall, the Ming Tombs by national conference center east station of area of 3 annulus business affairs, Beijing, ZhongGuanCun is very quick also. 8 lines are in the subway of join downtown, railway station and airport national conference center sets a station, more many public transportation circuitry passes national conference center. The subway 8 lines, 15 lines: Olympic park station gets off arrive namely.

5, limits of item on display

1. boiler equipment and relevant product and technology exhibit an area

Equipment of 2. hanging furnace and relevant technology exhibit an area

3. report heating, air can wait for relevant technology to exhibit an area

The product of boiler fittings form a complete set such as 4. burner, heat exchanger exhibits an area

5. water treatment, to decoke takes off saltpetre to remove dust wait for environmental protection equipment to exhibit an area

The energy-saving technology that decrease a platoon and product exhibit 6. area

7. radiator, hot metric, ground water is warm, warm wait for a product to exhibit an area

Product and technology exhibit an area related water heater of 8. solar energy

9. biology can reach relevant equipment to exhibit an area character

10. is other warm oneself new product of heating equipment new technology exhibits an area

11. new wind, purify, product and the technology such as clean water exhibit an area

6, audience analysis

Audience origin classifies:

V agent, agency, jobber;

V builds designing institute of engineering company, contractor, building, stylist, indoor stylist;

Business of V estate development, property runs company, heating company, heat addition company;

The manufacturer of product equipment reachs fittings manufacturer related V boiler and heating;

The place such as place of V hotel, hospital, school, office building, meeting, piscina, restaurant, bank, factory;

Represent related management department of V government, association, collective establishment;

The media unit such as intermediary of V TV station, paper, net intermediary;

V casts financing orgnaization etc;

Propagandist channel:

ü press conference: By China association of low carbon industry is chaired, the 4 home appliance such as Beijing TV station, Shandong TV station, Heibei TV station, Tianjin TV station inspect media spot direct seeding, suffer numerous watch a number to exceed 5 million person-time;

ü paper intermediary: Essence of life follows fixed position: Heat addition, heating, air can, intermediary of paper of trade of new wind, energy-saving, environmental protection advertisement of 26 magazines whole class; Circulation adds up to 80 thousand;

800 thousand essence of ü allows a database (short message group hair, mail group hair) cover user and cooperative client group;

30 thousand essence of ü allows a finger: Orgnaization of 18 inn of city of 48 building materials, 10 thousand door, association;

ü free entrance ticket joins division of 32 industry garden continuously: Essence of life covers the area visitting town such as Heibei, Tianjin, Beijing, Shandong, Henan, Anhui, northeast definitely;

Portal of media of network of ü user industry 246 advertisement put in; 1282 times press release looks around invite put in about; Cover: Place of hotel, hospital, school, office building, meeting, piscina, restaurant, cast financing, join in the industry such as net, factory, property, heating, heat addition, building, building materials;

7, charge detail

1. exhibits:

Exhibit type

Make the same score rice

The price (home)

The price (international)

The standard is exhibited

9 make the same score rice

12800 yuan


Indoor light ground

The 36 above that make the same score rice

1300 yuan / make the same score


Exhibit outdoor

The 36 above that make the same score rice

1000 yuan / make the same score


2. spot ad:

8, exhibit bitmap (contact Qq please: 2355779337)

9, ginseng exhibit notice

The enterprise affirms ginseng before exhibiting, need to reach photocopy of card of code of company business charter, origanization construction, fax organizing committee, prepare enterprise ginseng to exhibit the relevant data such as project, product, with examine and verify of equipment organizing committee.

Measure signing up:

1.  Ginseng exhibit an enterprise to ask for exhibit bitmap, classics organizing committee recommends make choice of to exhibit extend a number certainly;
2.  According to chooses exhibit a number to fill in ginseng so that arrange,fax an organizing committee;
3.  The organizing committee affirms affix one’s seal is answered after passing, the enterprise faxes remittance proof in the remittance inside formulary date;
4.  The organizing committee affirms money arrives Zhang;

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