Chengdu can exhibit economy to warm up continuously value of

Published on 2019-05-11

Last week 5, the 2ndImports and exports exhibits Xibohui and international invests congressKick off grandly in Xi Bocheng, those who serve as Xi Bocheng is formal head exhibit, outside causing attention except congress itself, the whole that Chengdu can exhibit a center ” south move ” also suffer fully fix eyes upon, and in the center of the temple of emperor of the Qin Dynasty that is located in area of core of new developed area of weather government office business affairs area board piece in industrial economy carry quickly in development fast, lift continuously ” economy is hot ” .

Chengdu can exhibit economy to warm up continuously value of business affairs area is highlighted in the center of temple of emperor of the Qin Dynasty

Can exhibit economy to warm up to develop into prize city continuously ” new lever “

Can you exhibit economy why so ” fire ” ? According to relevant expert computative, international can exhibit course of study to be opposite of relevant industry drive coefficient to be 1 ∶ 9, be like some to be received what second meeting exhibits continuously namely for 1, wait for relevant industry to be like meal, traffic, hotel drive income for 9.

Can exhibit property, be known as on international ” urban biscuit ” , in home more new ” sunny industry ” , in recent years, more with annual 15% , of 20% add fast in growth.

Every time is large-scale, high feeling of administrative levels, science and technology, international model what after large-scale meeting exhibits an activity, bring is economy collects effect, and this kind ” inside unripe ” effect is had lead, radiation, distributing center function, incorporate is opposite of relevant industry drive effect, raise a city to serve a function, pull move obtain employment many sided. As we have learned, hangzhou can exhibit course of study to be opposite every year economy of circumjacent hotel, meal, travel drives direct battalion to receive growth to be 20%-40%; only Zhengzhou can exhibit a year of time to be pulled 2017 move ” eat to swim ” economy is controlled 21 billion yuan. And as western the Chengdu of economic center, in can exhibiting course of study to develop, be to reach unprecedented height more, the our city can exhibit course of study to achieve gross earnings last year 83.08 billion yuan, grow 17.3%; to drive compared to the same period temporarily obtain employment post 4610, grow 7.3% compared to the same period.

Get through of industry, traffic can be exhibited new ” arterial ” Chengdu can postpone day ” south ” look

Before two months, chengdu carries on the first times the functional sex that international exhibits builds Sha Wan to be able to exhibit a center to finish last after exhibiting, left formally historical arena. Can exhibit a center to arrive from Sha Wan Xi Bocheng, exhibit a center on behalf of the past and two meetings that did not come, had stood in the history hand in collect a place, finished ” have sex ” ceremony, and reconstitute of new international exhibition center of Xi Bocheng and century city ” one city two houses ” new meeting extends a phase.

It will house of Xi Bocheng and devoted operation give new developed area of weather government office what to kind of profit bring is good that will house of Xi Bocheng and devoted operation give new developed area of weather government office what to kind of profit bring with the surprise? Behave above all in the industry drive and of traffic optimize on. Xi Bocheng regards new developed area of weather government office as major project, total investment makes an appointment with 12 billion yuan, total floor area is 760 thousand square metre, cent is south area and boreal area! The area reveals a center for international exhibition south, boreal area is international conference center and establishment of other form a complete set. . . That is the dimensions of park of near 10 people, this also is meant, xi Bocheng will accommodate henceforth exhibit conference measure and ginseng to exhibit a number want to break through new record. According to relevant program of the government, xi Bocheng will become China western the permanent the site of an association of international exposition, large meeting is exhibited sponsor field and platform of activity of high-end business affairs, be western area dimensions the biggest, establishment is the most advanced exhibit conference center. The so large scale that exhibit a house, those who bring is form a complete set of facilities of circumjacent base service surely perfect and upgrade, form a new economic core to grow extremely.

On traffic facilities expression, masterstroke artery and orbit traffic are stereo crisscross, the highway of 4 weathers government office, catalpa city highway, highway austral the sword and Cheng Zilu high speed vertical artery can arrive directly at Xi Bocheng. System of urban public traffic also very develop, rich city periphery plans to have 1 on the west, 6, 18, 19, hub of change of traffic of 2 circuitry of the 5 subways route such as T1, 2 railroad car, orbit. In addition, read extensively city north station also is a line 3 period project and 6, 18 lines (express of Chengdu new airport) transfer of wire of the mountain that reach eyebrow stands. This is meant, exhibit to joining the associate that exhibits business and view to ramble later nonexistent ” traffic is embraced ” and ” road bottleneck ” phenomenon. This also is Chengdu can exhibit economy ” south move ” best quote.

Development of estate of CBD of temple of emperor of the Qin Dynasty carries value of product of Di Jin of emperor of fast the Qin Dynasty to raise the price of the commodities

CBD of temple of emperor of the Qin Dynasty, will rely on Xi Bocheng to make new developed area of weather government office can exhibit industrial garden, accomplish functional independence ” can exhibit economy integrated area ” , recommend company of domestic and international top-ranking hotel, meal, commerce, entertainment, stimulative advertisement, plan, formal, build, content shedding, security, travel, car is rented, accountant, law, audit, seek advice wait for major to serve an orgnaization to collect development, those who realize industrial development is fast carry fast.

With western read extensively city only all the way the project of Qin Huang Di Jin that lie between, in share can exhibit group of economy of center, headquarters, and mature and very easy communication, perfect life form a complete set, go up to enjoy an advantage alone with high grade form a complete set, also be paid close attention to accordingly all the more by the person that buy a house, development business always brings a group, serve as first to be asked by the government hotel of practice operation Xi Bocheng serves the brand of form a complete set, already took the lead in inside area at present whole is cast build operation class of a 3 stars (always bring a public house) , hotel of class of a 4 stars () of hotel of Qin Huang holiday, still plan to be in at the same time built public house of class of a 5 stars, and the service form a complete set that these astral class hotels also made Xi Bocheng periphery, become those who drive region economy growth ” roll booster ” .

Project 2 period, 3 period the program is high-end residence village, international is banner stylish design, the life space that combines naturally form to create administrative levels to abound, old hidden from view lives at the zoology of city environment, sit embrace flourishing, static enjoy the life. This is Di Jin of emperor of the Qin Dynasty, enter center of new developed area of the government office that be stationed in a day optimal choice, the acme that elite personage character lives is gone after.

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