2017 China cleanness is exhibited and Shanghai international

Published on 2019-05-11

2017Chinese cleanness is exhibited and Shanghai international air is purified exhibitOnly then 2004, it is China the earliest also be exclusive and dedicated the professional exhibition that pollutes solution of prevention and cure at indoor air. Be run through 14 years and accumulate, IEQ accumulated China (area of the mesa that contain port) audience of several major inside environmental service line of business and buy the home.

2017 China cleanness is exhibited and Shanghai international air is purified postpone introduction of limits of item on display

The 9 big guild that purify science of environment of guild, China to learn indoor environment and healthy branch to present as leading role by condition of Shanghai room core are purified to air administer an industry to be recommended jointly with indoor environment.

54 international show an activity, 8 B2B website and 4 professional journals, accumulative total counts user of domestic high end and data of millions industry audience. Strong resource includes design of hotel, property, project, building materials, adornment, retail, pharmacy, health care to taste etc.

Perforative hotel things, clean product, furniture, building decorates intelligence of design, commerce to turn equipment, chain joins in, the domain such as fashionable life, locate Yu Zhonggao carries a product, serve Asian region market and even whole world 220 thousand smooth rice is one-stop super purchase platform; and IEQ to share nearly 100 thousand audience group!

Limits of item on display

Indoor air processing

New wind system

Air purifier reachs fittings

Air purifies functional material, anion plank and condole top

Air purifies integral solution and intelligent control system

Wind canal is cleaned clean

Electronic smoke and control smoke product

Audience fixed position

Commerce, retail, current

The environment detects with environmental protection project

Design and landed development, operation

Hotel with meal

Property management reachs Bao Jie

Communal purchase reach enterprise EHS is purchased

Decorate design and warm open a project

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