Area of 6 three-year institution of higher learning makes ill

Published on 2018-08-13

China (Shanghai) international illume is exhibitedIt is Beijing illume those who exhibit is outspread, be expert at inside hold successfully already old, what get industry is extensive approbate become reconciled to judge. 2017 China (Shanghai) illume is exhibited will all-around show illume application and intelligent skill, exhibit meeting general cent to be area of 6 three-year institution of higher learning, include: Landscape is bright change reach a building illume of illume of illume, road illume and wisdom traffic, intelligence and control system, industry, museum illume, indoor reach commercial illume 6 big board piece, professional classification, high grade ginseng postpones business, bring for the user different brand-new content.

Area of 6 three-year institution of higher learning makes illume of different 2017 China International exhibit and Shanghai intelligence illume is exhibited

Chinese illume learns to held water 1987, regard international class as one class society, CIES is exclusive delegate China join international Commission on Illumination with name of Chinese country Commission on Illumination (the organization of CIE) . CIES has a member many 4800, party member 810, except have academic communication activity, popularize scientific knowledge, outside beginning attestation of qualification of illume stylist profession, still built ” Chinese illume net ” reach ” gaffer Cheng journal ” wait for industry media, made positive contribution for development of national illume industry.

Limited company of service of exhibition of Hong Kong elegant type enters Chinese home market from 1978, hold in China and Asian area exhibit 38 years internationally. The constituent experience that abounds major by right of its, acumen touch to the market reachs the understanding of pair of client demand, elegant type all the time by industry accepted the organizer that is high quality exhibition. Sponsor exhibition of many 20 industry every year, spread all over and other places of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, involve an industry to include electrician of woodworker and household, illume, electric power, car, plastic, spin, pack and presswork etc. There is agency in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, United States and Singapore at present. Elegant type becomes the whole world to exhibit trade association since 2006 (UFI) member, subordinate international is rubber-plastic exhibit, Chinese electric power is exhibited reach Shanghai electric power to exhibit those who wait to all be UFI attestation meeting.

Invite sincerely the enterprise inside course of study and delegate to participate in this second exhibition, show enterprise wind color, be communicated with the user and negotiate!

In November 2017, we will read extensively in Shanghai new international as always the center awaits you arrive at!

Limits of item on display:

Illumination luminaries:

Commercial illume, household illume, road illume, landscape is bright change, industrial illume, adornment illume, intelligence illume

Illume control reachs intelligent system:

Optical equipment of system of control of switch, electrical outlet, power source, intelligence, air

Relevant service

The sources of energy of installation of project of illume design, illume, contract manages

Of all kinds illuminant

LED technology reachs fittings

Chip, denotative piece reach package

Enclose modular group and fittings

Electric accessory reachs yuan of parts of an apparatus

Raw material reachs manufacturing facilities

Examine reach test equipment

Conference of the corresponding period:

The illume outdoor and wisdom city forum – road illume intelligence changes development forum

The illume outdoor and wisdom city forum – landscape illume special subject

Chinese wisdom hotel builds congress

Chinese museum illume and intelligent technology use height forum

Reach more…

Ginseng exhibit expense

International exhibits area home to exhibit an area

The standard exhibits a square metre of RMB 15000 / 9 10000 yuan / 9 square metre

Square metre of smooth ground RMB 1500 / 1000 yuan / square metre

The standard exhibits exhibit include: (This option is offerred to postpone business most the way with efficient economy will reveal Wu of its product kimono. (This option is offerred to postpone business most the way with efficient economy will reveal Wu of its product kimono..

Reveal a wall

The lintel that quarter have company name board


2 shoot the light

Power source electrical outlet

1 piece recieves a stage

Desk of 1 piece of talks and 2 chairs

Solely: (This option allows to exhibit business to proper motion is designed and be built exhibit)

Provide corresponding area ground only, do not offer any establishment, smooth ground administration fee and electric box charge provide for oneself.

Hire since 36 square metre

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