Green of focusing of Fair of produce of 2017 China Internatio

Published on 2019-05-11

The 15th when sponsor by the Ministry of AgricultureFair of China International produceIn September 21 act is opened in exhibition of agriculture of Beijing whole nation. Current farming hand in meeting with ” characteristic preferential, brand founds bright, zoology, green develops ” for the theme, show a party centrally 18 big since the huge success that job of rural economics of our country agriculture gains, the exhibition exhibits an area 31 thousand square metre, join the group that exhibit a group 49, ginseng postpone a business many 1600. Company ginseng exhibits more than 50 abroad that comes from 26 countries such as the United States, Russia, Italy and area.

Green of focusing of Fair of produce of 2017 China International develops

Fair of China International produce (below abbreviation farming is handed in meeting) it is the distinguished gathering of large agriculture industry that the Ministry of Agriculture sponsors, hold 14 successfully already, already made scale of domain of our country agriculture now the highest, brand that has authority and force most exhibits the biggest, norms meeting, develop commerce of achievement, stimulative produce, promotion to reveal agriculture it is advanced technique, important to drove international agriculture to communicate collaboration to offer platform.

As we have learned, farming hand in can found 2003. As national make one’s rounds is exhibited, come 14 years, farming hand in can be in early or late China north, Hua Dong, northeast, China counteract the 7 provinces such as southwest 9 city are held, accumulative total attracts ginseng of many 34 thousand second enterprise to exhibit, 300 thousand purchase business to attend a meeting, audience of nearly 3 million person-time looks around, conducted activity of more than 400 sale, accumulative total of trading business volume many yuan 5695.03. Average every enterprise ginseng that draws 15 countries and district is exhibited, of 20 countries and area purchase business to attend a meeting, exhibition area develops the 13rd 120 thousand square metre from first 23 thousand square metre, in recent years all 80 thousand square metre, form dimensions benefit. A batch of ginseng exhibit business to borrow this is opened or expanded the market, one batch purchases business to be in farming hand in new commerce associate was known on the meeting, purchased gratified flexibly produce, orgnaization of a batch of investment found new investment project, farming hand in the consequence of the meeting and appeal year after year to increase.

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