2017swop packs the world (Shanghai) exhibition focusing intel

Published on 2019-05-11

Swop packs the world (Shanghai) exhibitionWill in November 2017 7-10 day reads extensively in Shanghai new international the center is held, exhibit the forum of content of sex of the look up before one will be being organized to be had in order to pack trend of industry future development for what guide during the meeting, forum develops the prospective tendency that packs around intelligence, come from scientific research unit, food and course of study of daily expense moral pack force of big Ga bend to join in, the development that will discuss intelligence to pack jointly together with everybody appears shape and prospect.

2017swop packs the world (Shanghai) exhibition focusing intelligence

Alleged intelligence is packed, go up in the existing technology that pack namely, add more pertinent information, can use net of couplet of current and advanced smartphone, Internet, content to give read take, the ground of the more that pack that makes wrap apparel to bigger data capacity; makes consumer can carry a product when the choose and buy thereby knows the news of this commodity, achieve the goal of choose and buy of farther facilitating consumer thereby, intelligence packs the fundamental trend that will make future pack, serve for enterprise and consumer better.

Nowadays is popular ” unmanned supermarket ” in just about what intelligence packs is agile apply, pack pair of commodity inside unmanned supermarket to undertake meticulous managing through intelligence, thereby can the oldest rate is managing labour cost, achieve profit goal. The development that robot retailing store packs to intelligence is absolutely good chance, intelligence packs one of regarding new retail modes of life and relation to their environment as pattern, technology and applied setting will be reframed ceaselessly.

Apply in unmanned supermarket among them most extensive is RFID technology, RFID is wireless radio frequency identifies a technology, can remote (30m) identifying, use method is RFID electron label is stuck on article, read through containing write implement can be identified by the induction when area. Commodity should enter scanning area only, can instantaneous synchronism finishs all commodity to accumulate computation, can make so of unmanned supermarket run efficiency the biggest change.

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