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Published on 2019-05-11


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To cater to the water market demand that expands flourishingly, Chinese water exposition will move division Beijing China International exhibits a center (new house) , at2015Year11Month18To20Day is held once more. Will greet at the appointed time about26Of country and area300Domestic company ginseng is exhibited, exhibition area is amounted to20, 000Square metre, predict to will be attracted about25, 000Renown major audience. Postpone sanction of Department of Commerce of meeting classics China, by Chinese irrigation works society and Frankfurt are exhibited (Shanghai) limited company is sponsorred jointly.

Be built as civilization of urban organisms’ habits and administer the position in deploy of national whole strategy to promote again and again, Water environment administers the Chongzhongzhi that already administered into local environmental protection to weigh, Market of Chinese water industry will greet the golden age of development, chinese water exposition also will enter development new level. Up to7Lunar base data shows, current exhibit meeting2/3 exhibit already was booked entirely, among them abroad exhibit business to occupy35%. In addition, and other places of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong will hold much field to recommend in succession meeting, expand further extend meeting home influence. Chinese water expositionCater to the effective demand of water industry adequately, carry out a country to build the new requirement with environmental protection to zoology civilization in economic progress, through showing countryOutsideNewest product and technology, Compose founds a state the efficient communication platform of border sex, The ford that for China urgent need supports builds a domain to offer a solution.

Even more 2/3 exhibit already was booked, 7 exhibit an area greatlyGather togetherGlobalPreeminent company

Current extend range of meeting item on displayEnclothe catenary of water industry industry, for more efficient with in the round help the enterprise seizes market opportunity, the spot will set the 7 big concentration that exhibit an area to reveal. As exhibit meeting international consequence to grow day and day, and of orgnaization of domestic and international government and guild support energetically, exhibit the business, amount that exhibit a group to rise steadily. Up to now, current exhibit can already enterprise of numerous home famous ford affirms ginseng exhibit, Each exhibit an area to reach its to basically postpone businessInclude:

·? Water Wu; Exhibit trade delegate: Inc. of group of rich day environment

·? Water treatment and sewage are administered; Exhibit trade delegate: Jinan Angell is industrial limited company, amber environmental protection technology (too storehouse) limited company

·? Be in charge of net conduit; Exhibit trade delegate: Beijing Han builds land to be in charge of Inc. of course of study, Qingdao limited company of machinery of firm Na Sen

·? Pump valve and fittings; Exhibit trade delegate: Inc. of benefit Europe group, Inc. of group of trade of new Territories pump

·? Instrument appearance, informatization and automation; Exhibit trade delegate: Sailaimo is analysed, Tian Jian innovates (Beijing) Inc. of the appearance that monitor, long luxuriant automation (Dalian) Inc. of the limited company, appearance in opening closed to shed instrument limited company, Tang Shan to collect

·? International exhibits group and brand to exhibit an area; Chinese water exposition greets first degrees Belgium this yearAndGerman Ba Dengzhou exhibits a group; In view of joined last year exhibit the effect remarkable, the United States exhibits a group to also will continue to participate in current exhibit meeting.

? ?? Sponge town planning and construction company exhibit an areaSponge town planning and construction company exhibit an area Appear first exhibit meeting

? 2015Year, ministry of urban and rural construction and irrigation works ministry are in the Ministry of finance, housing the whole nation16The city is startedThe city is startedSponge citySponge cityConstruction is pilot, according to the principle with first zoology, exploration construction is permeated natural stockpile, naturally, purify naturallyExploration construction is permeated natural stockpile, naturally, purify naturallySponge citySponge city. To answer national policy actively to direct, current exhibit meeting general to be opened first700SmoothSquareRice ” sponge town planning and construction company exhibit an area ” , concentration shows partial sponge city pilot city is building the experience in the process, achievement intercurrent cloth is relevant project of invite public bidding. The water treatment that it is rain is used, construction of zoology water system, conduit tubal a network, take an active part in sponge city to build compose to build efficient trade to communicate platform to the enterprise inside the domain such as catchment.


“Beauty spot of countrywide outstanding irrigation works reachs construction companyExhibit an area” will come on stage once more

? In addition, issue zoology civilization to build a concept to carry out the new condition that fulfils a country to be advanced energetically further, exhibit meeting site to will be in rolled out once more on the foundation last year600SmoothSquareRice shows a region related irrigation works scenery, include among them200SmoothSquareRice “Beauty spot of countrywide outstanding irrigation works ” reach400SmoothSquareRice ” build a businessExhibit an areaExhibit an area. Current, our country already had658Area of more than 1000 beauty spot of irrigation works of domestic state level, provincial scene and area of each district scene, cover the throughout the country30Province city, the culture in people is producing irrigation works beauty spot in recreational life increasingly main effect, and construction of scene area development is more accumulate contain infinite business chance. Here setting falls, exhibit meeting general to be inConstruction of beauty spot of irrigation works of irrigation works ministry and government do to support energetically, choose “Beauty spot of countrywide outstanding irrigation works ” hand-in-hand travel is revealed centrally, invite media of each big travel industry to dog at the same time report. In addition, the spot still will hold capital attraction to negotiate meeting, at the appointed time business of company of investment of countrywide famous ford, construction, equipment business will assemble in, conspireOf construction of irrigation works beauty spot, development plan