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Published on 2019-05-11

Governmental support, association is sponsorred | Fire control of CZFE2018 Zhengzhou international is exhibited will step drive

China (Zhengzhou) exhibition of technology of equipment of international fire control (abbreviation CZFE) only then achieve 2010, hold 8 successfully already up to now, 8 years aggregate exhibition area achieves 150 thousand square metre, ginseng postpone a business nearly 1200, the audience breaks through 120 thousand person-time, the spot or the accumulative total after exhibiting is reached pay easy specified amount 1.882 billion yuan.

Fire control of international of the 9th Zhengzhou was exhibited 2018 will be one than be worth to expect more before is exhibited meeting, because:


      Afterwards ” the State Council plans ” the Central Plains city that is a center with Zhengzhou group after construction, national hair changes appoint print and distribute ” promote mid area to rise abruptly ” 935 ” program ” , put forward clearly, supportive Zhengzhou builds national center city, henan consolidates further in countrywide position promotion!


      “935 ” the crucial period that period is city of center of Zhengzhou construction state, want to ensure construction of infrastructure of public fire protection develops in coordination, include among them: The village in the city is transformed, infrastructure of the change outside the market, city bridge of perfect, subway, road. The establishment such as airport construction, irrigation works, electric power is built, to equipment of fire control equipment, fire control the demand of the product will grow day and day!


Provincial: Allot ” the announcement cases ” visit eighteen ground town to Henan, 100 many counties, call at sb’s house of one by one invites reach visit.

Outside the province: Ministry of organizing committee customer service expands organization of Yuan Fuan badge, Hubei, Shandong, Heibei, Shanxi, Shandong professional audience limits, exhibit can look around roll send individually class city distribute agent, fire control detachment of installation engineering company, fire control / the relevant industry such as the group and sectional chief in the hand.

4, Zhengzhou fire control was exhibited 2018 just meet (in June month of countrywide safe production) during hold, will save Fire Protection Association, Henan to save fire control by Henan at the appointed time total fleet, mid 6 provinces committee of work of estate of fire control of Fire Protection Association of bureau of fire control of Fire Protection Association, United States Fire Protection Association, the Ministry of Public Security, China, Henan, Henan saves lash-up government office to wait for a leader to arrive at the spot to visit guidance, make exhibit can push to a climax!


Sponsor an unit to seek power nearly 50000 to come from detachment of business of fire control project, construction project business, guesthouse, property, hotel, fire control / branch of company of station, petro-chemical, power, irrigation works, government is purchased, construction of estate, company burning gas, airport, designing institute many differ.

Henan saves Fire Protection Association

Committee of work of estate of Henan fire control

The announcement cases

Fire control of international of the 9th Zhengzhou exhibits detailed information

Exhibit meeting name: 2018 China (Zhengzhou) exhibition of technology of equipment of international fire control

Exhibit meet a number: The 9th

Sponsor an unit: Henan saves Fire Protection Association

Undertake unit: Henan saves committee of work of fire control estate

                   Henan power rich can exhibit service limited company

Specially invite unit: Henan of Chinese Fire Protection Association saves fire control total fleet

                   American Fire Protection Association is mid 6 provinces Fire Protection Association

Begin time: In June 2018 13-15 day (Zhou San comes Zhou Wu)

Cloth extends time: June 2018 11-12 day (Zhou Yi comes Zhou Er)

Hold a place: Zhengzhou international exhibition center (Zheng Dongxin area CBD)

Extend meeting scope: 20000 smooth rice

Ginseng postpone a business: 500

Exhibit digit to measure: 1000

Visiting audience: 30000 person-time

Exhibit meeting the corresponding period to hold

1, the 9th 2018 China (Zhengzhou) exhibition of technology of equipment of international fire control is large opening ceremony

2, workshop of development of estate of the 2nd 2018 mid fire control and forum (include fire control total group / association leadership, scientific research orgnaization / dimension of agent of distribute of equipment of unit of equipment of company of engineering of unit of construction of installation of school, fire control, estate business, construction, fire control and equipment production, fire control, fire control is protected

3, the application of robot of intelligent fire control, unmanned aircraft in the industry (invite bureau of fire control of national the Ministry of Public Security relevant leader is attended)

4, forum of informatization of net of couplet of content of wisdom fire control (industry of network of couplet of content of wisdom fire control and relevant expert are attended)

5, fire control science and seminar of technical international learning (plan to invite mid 6 provinces are led related Fire Protection Association attend)

6, new product of 2018 fire control, new technology recommends meeting activity (ginseng exhibit an enterprise to be held independently)

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