Indian class added collect Er agriculture to exhibit 2018 hol

Published on 2019-05-11

Exhibit meeting name: Indian class added collect Er agriculture to exhibit 2018
Show time: In August 2018 28-30 day
Exhibit meeting site: Indian class adds Luo Er
Postpone meeting introduction:   
   The professional agriculture that exhibition of Indian international agriculture is South Asia area is exhibited, the agriculture machinery business that develops India and South Asia market for the plan built a very good platform, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to be able to know true client. Indian agriculture exhibits the supplier to come from the whole world, distribute agent, user and industry expert offerred business to negotiate, the ideal platform of collaboration of project investment, technology, learning discussion. Exhibit through joining, the enterprise will master information of market of many first-hand India, the front contacted Indian user and agent, widen sale channel. Indian agriculture is exhibited hold every year, exhibition of previous term or session exhibits an area 16000 square metre, ginseng exhibit a manufacturer to have many 300 when come from 10 many countries, recieve an audience 15000 much people. Ginseng exhibit business to be able to in time understand not only and can master the development trends with Indian agriculture newest industry through exhibiting, conduce to at the same time be close to all sorts of clients, seek brand-new sale and technical partner, develop new business chance. India is one of countries of the world’s biggest potential agriculture production. India is the world the 4th old economy is hypostatic, national income amount discharges 12 in the world. Indian total population 1.2 billion, exceed Zuo the total population of the United States or alliance, since 90 time, indian economy adds Zuo quickly, Zuo Yin is before 2010, its of the rate that add Zuo maintains year of average total output value in 9% the left and right sides. Imprint in huge of existence of two countries economy is complementary quality, promotional communicating, strengthen classics trade cooperation, learn from others’s strong points to offset one’s weakness, become the consensus of two countries already. The swift and violent growth of Indian economy, comprehensive national power increases gradually, make the government is increased give aid to agricultural productivity is spent, roll out each new agricultural development measure ceaselessly, the agricultural product that China produces is cheap and fine, had had certain competition ability on the international market, had the capacity that opens India and even market of whole South Asia. Before asking relevant enterprise to seize opportunity, past ginseng is exhibited, publicize the product of this enterprise, strive for more opportunities enter Indian market.

Limits of item on display:

Plant protection and chemical fertilizer, insecticide, herbicide; Gardens things and lawn equipment; Farming machinery of deputy food treatment and equipment; Seed, fruit, vegetable is cultivated; Piscatorial things; Forestry things; Agricultural science; Food machinery and equipment; Of all kinds produce; Kind seedling flowers; Food; Agricultural machinery and equipment, spare parts; Pasturage machinery and equipment; Irrigate and discharge water system all; Pasturage things, feed and feed are mechanical;

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