2017 China (Shanghai) sensor technology and application exhib

Published on 2019-05-11

Focusing China sensor and industry of content couplet network grow, at was in Shanghai on September 10 hotel of holiday of clever Yi imperial crown kicks off, in September 11~13 day ” fight in some places one by one ” Shanghai crosses a country to purchase 2017 what can exhibit a center to holdChina (Shanghai) international sensor technology and application are exhibitedSee meeting (the following abbreviation ” SENSOR CHINA ” ) ring down the curtain satisfactorily. Regard an Asia as grand meeting of top class sensor, shanghai of SENSOR CHINA base oneself upon, radiation whole nation, link whole world, receive the 250+ businesses that come from area of assemble of industry of North America, Europe, Asia in all this year, the photograph is more swift and violent than growing last year, and include labour to believe division of ministry, China assist, sensor of Shanghai committee of science and technology, China and alliance of industry of content couplet network and alliance of each district industry inside nearly 10 thousand professional audiences, entire industry of assemble sensor and content couplet network swims to reach application around the sensor technology of foremost edge up and down, focusing industry grows a trend to spread out series discussion.

2017 China (Shanghai) sensor technology and application exhibit international to show Chinese characteristic business chance

Drive Chinese sensor to enter fast growth field, SENSOR CHINA is all-around breakthrough

Chinese sensor industry is faced with at present coessential turn the double challenge that drops badly with price year after year. Because this needs follow closely the demand of domain of fractionize of net of couplet of popular other people, drive sensor to enter fast growth field. This ” SENSOR CHINA opening ceremony and global sensor and peak of industry of content couplet network are met ” on announce ” surmount rub Er ” 8 inches in try a line to be started formally, ” surmount rub Er ” industrial fund autograph holds water about, map of intelligent sensor industry releases 3 big industries to advance step, upgrade for our country industry and consumption jointly escort the Emperor convoy, will be helpful for the promotion of the application of new technology and new business pattern more.

Meanwhile, each big sensor manufacturer shines on SENSOR CHINA in succession solution of oneself characteristic technology whole. Introduce international advanced technique, strengthen after digesting, innovate again. Sensor of Er of Huo Ni Wei besides offerred outstanding sensor solution for the industry such as industry, aerospace, also devote oneself to recently will advanced pass feeling technology civil change, in this second the sensor technology that is based on Huoniweier to precede was rolled out on SENSOR CHINA, the detector of first PM2.5 indoor air that can provide content of indoor air PM2.5 and data of temperature and humidity for the user in real time. Ai praseodymium luck is thought of (Shanghai) the sensor of high accuracy 3D ToF(Time Of Flight) of optical limited company, can be in entire spectrum (the job inside 130Klux) limits, its are distinctive the ToF chip of craft applies extensively at the domain such as electron of unmanned aircraft, robot, car.

For example, huoniweier’s PM2.5 is indoor air detector, the 3D ToF sensor that Ai praseodymium luck thinks of, the small umbriferous technology of song Er and report connect the MEMS profound difference of the group to press sensor to wait a moment.

Big plant also appears domestic sensor in last few years the situation that head of go out to meet chases. With microphone sensor the song Er share of famed whole world, brought the small umbriferous technology that your person finds everything new and fresh, it is home exclusive LBS(Laser Bean Scanning) of a layout stimulates technology of scanning of beam of light and the company of own production technology. By right of product precision, repeat precision and stability the report that in MEMS the small domain that press difference has technical advantage tells a group, brought the MEMS profound difference with its and American joint-stock All Sensors to press sensor, and will continue serve as breach with MEMS product.

On SENSOR CHINA fetching stopping new product and window technology absolutely not only hereat, the major that covers net of couplet of content of zone of sensor of high-quality goods industry, abroad zone, whole nation to apply case to reveal an area to wait inside exhibits an area is wonderful assemble more, enlarge line of the products, integrated solution, to domain of fractionize of content couplet net outspread application already was hasten of general trends place.

Forum of height of more than 10 the corresponding period, global industry wind direction and Chinese characteristic business chance use up amid

Chinese sensor and annual meeting of alliance of industry of content couplet network, 3D photographs technology resembling a head and application to wait for forum of the corresponding period of more than 10 SENSOR CHINA, assemble global the penetrating judgment of many expert, look into future the sensor market great plan of -727379968 class.

Sensor of former undersecretary of industry letter ministry, China and Yang Xueshan of director of reputation of alliance of content couplet network put forward in the report two wish greatly scene: It is perception drives digitlization transition. 2 it is to pass catenary of feeling technology industry, zoology catenary to want to move from back end forward paragraph. And these two wish the innovation that the key of scene implementation depends on sensor industry, huoniweier passes vice president of division of big China of ministry of solution of feeling and productivity to hold bateau of general manager bavin concurrently to point out: “Overall for sensor future is met forward miniature is changed, compound sensor and wireless transmit 3 direction to develop. “Overall for sensor future is met forward miniature is changed, compound sensor and wireless transmit 3 direction to develop..

The application with current omnipresent sensor, the acceleration that drives perceptive times comes. SIA allied secretary-general, yang Xiao of president of academy of industry of Shanghai small technology thinks: “Market drive is the mainest reason. ” the smartphone is to make sensor rapid the platform with the mainest all-pervading, the propulsion of automatic road-sense also makes the application of burgeoning sensor wider and wider also, and can apparel equipment, intelligence is lived in, net of couplet of industrial other people, intelligent other people flows… perceptive drive future is beyond question already.

And focusing China sensor and industry of content couplet network, still have bright ” Chinese characteristic ” . Share bicycle to be in China only for example ability is so large-scale arisen, this also changes cent not to leave with population density of China, large-scale city. From the point of the angle of hardware, sharing the core inside bicycle is intelligent car lock, and the core that intelligent car locks up is sensor. Besides, burgeoning application still will reflect Chinese characteristic to wait for a domain in unmanned supermarket, doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.

SENSOR CHINA specializations as height and of internationalization exhibit meeting, product of domestic and international top sensor reachs the assemble technology, come from the whole world about 250 orgnaizations of 10 countries and area, enterprise, for example German sensor association (committee of nuclear energy of AMA) , France (CEA-LETI) research center, Sino-British innovation plans (the international such as ICUK) precedes orgnaization deepness is participated in. Exhibit form a complete set of meeting the corresponding period forum of more than 10 high end, look into prospective sensor and trend of development of content couplet network. It is platform with SENSOR CHINA, conduce to stimulative industry going up to communicate downstream, domestic and international technology, resource communicates a butt joint, quicken Chinese sensor and industry of content couplet network to move toward maturity further.

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