Machinery of international of 2017 China Yangzhou and intelli

Published on 2019-05-11

“2017Machinery of Chinese Yangzhou international and intelligent equipment are exhibited” will in November 24-26 day exhibits a center to be held ceremoniously in Yangzhou international. Current exhibit can meet by Shanghai couplet dispatch exhibit service limited company to undertake, limits of item on display includes: Equipment is made, numerical control machine tool, mould is made, hardware Electromechanical, solder mould of robot of automation of cut, industry, industry, car and component treatment. Predict to come from domestic and international ginseng of more than 300 manufacturer is exhibited, exhibit an area 1000 square metre, the plan is recieved purchase personnel of business, professional technology and the social all circles that come round to look around personage 10000 person-time, exhibit at present hot in booking, intended person please fast contact with the organizing committee.

Machinery of international of 2017 China Yangzhou and intelligent equipment are exhibited hold time – place – postpone meeting introduction

Yangzhou, ancient weigh An Ling, river, Wei Yang, be located in Jiangsu mid, the Yangtse River and Beijing Hangzhou the Grant Canal are handed in collect place, having ” Chinese canal the first city ” beautiful praise; Yangzhou is belt of economy of Jiangsu the Yangtse River city of member of group of city of main component, Nanjing and long triangle city group city, famous city of hot spring of city of bear the palm of award of U.N. person house, whole nation civilized town, China, country first historical culture famous city. Yangzhou city realized area total output value 2016 four hundred and forty-four billion nine hundred and thirty-eight million yuan, grow 9.4% compared to the same period, add fast house Jiangsu to save the 2nd completely, accumulative total finishs gross value of industrial output one thousand and nine billion nine hundred and sixty million yuan, grow 7.5% . Course of study of go to work of the compasses that finish raises a cost two hundred and twenty-nine billion eight hundred and ten million yuan, grow 9.2% , finished fixed assets to invest three hundred and twenty-eight billion eight hundred and sixty-eight million yuan 2016, grow 15.3% . 1988, yangzhou is opened to the outside world by approval, now already as good as the 9 cities pal of 7 countries city or friendly collaboration city. Of Yangzhou external economic collaboration is strengthened ceaselessly, with include Germany to run quickly, American Gao Loujie, Italy compares apparatus of state of heart of Rayleigh, United States, Holand to fly to the 500 strong companies of world such as benefit riverside inside joint-stock cooperation of a batch of big companies, already formed car, shipping, cable, careful chemical industry, chemical fibber and spin fabrics, food project of industry of 6 big pillar and electronic information, new material, biology 3 big burgeoning industries.

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