Exhibition of the 24th Argentine agriculture pasturage held time 2018 - place - limits of item on display

Published on 2019-05-11

2018 exhibition of the 24th Argentine agriculture pasturage (Chinese sole agent)
Show time: In June 2018 6-9 day
Exhibit meeting site: Argentine Shengdafeiamusitelang
Chinese sole agent: Beijing is added amount to international to show limited company

Postpone meeting brief introduction
Argentine (Shengdafei) exhibition of international agriculture machinery is Argentine area dimensions the the biggest, most professional agriculture machinery is exhibited meeting, establish 1995, heretofore held 23 already successfully, all previous exhibit meeting cent to basically exhibit an area for 4: Machine of area, agriculture is shown outdoor indoor exhibit machinery of area, pasturage area, horticultural exhibit an area, have 20 every year about, many 000 audience is present, exhibit business to basically come from the country such as Argentine, Mexico, Uruguay, China, United States, India, all previous showpiece the result is favorable. Can in time understand not only and can master the market message with Argentina and South-American agriculture newest industry through should be being exhibited, still conduce to at the same time and all sorts of clients, agency communicates face-to-face, seek brand-new sale and technical partner, develop new business chance.

Limits of item on display
Agricultural machinery: Machine of tractor, results, rice transplanter overall, machinery of the exercise on of all kinds Agricultural Machinery and Implement, field, agrarian whole planter instrument, plant protection is mechanical, internal-combustion engine, generation set, engine group, irrigation and drainage and section water irrigate oil of equipment, seminal treatment facilities, grain machines processing fittings of appliance of technology of machinery of equipment and linen-cotton treatment, packer, gardening equipment, conservatory, agriculture, agriculture machinery;
Pasturage technology and mechanical equipment: Breeding of feed, animal and raise processing technique of product of product of product of system of feed of technology, feed, animal, vet, flesh and processing technique, dairy produce and egg to wait; Prairie construction machinery, succulence machinery and bind mechanical, feed (careless) treatment machinery and equipment, mower, abandon product of construction and supervisory equipment, grandma to machine machinery to wait;
Crop facility for transporting: Pi Ka, light-duty lorry, agricultural passenger car, agricultural carriage car, be out of shape tractor, trailer;
Farming by-product machines machinery: Butcher of birds of machinery of deep treatment of vegetables of food treatment machinery, fruit, cultivate and treatment machinery, last reach carry store up fully;
Seed, farming turn a product: Agent of chemical fertilizer, soil improvement, activator of insecticide, antiseptic, herbicide, surface, biology pesticide, environmental protection pesticide, pesticide raw material; Seed, kind seedling treatment, pack, equipment of machine of Bao Yi agent, package machine, acupuncture point dish, seedling dish, floppy disk of body of earthen bowl of paddy raise rice seedlings, seminal new breed;
Raw material can be product, new product of the sources of energy, but product of second birth the sources of energy.

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