International of the 8th 2018 Beijing is exhibited without man-machine system wonderful in June appear

Published on 2019-05-11

International of the 8th 2018 Beijing is exhibited without man-machine system wonderful in June appear

Develop the strategy to carry out confluence of deepness of national the army and the people deep, fulfil a country actively to put forward ” new generation artificial intelligence develops a program ” , with ” innovation of science and technology, intelligence is made, the army and the people is shirt-sleeve ” for the theme, international of the 8th 2018 Beijing does not have UAS EXPO CHINA of exposition of man-machine system industry will on June 7 – 9 days also start an international exhibition center in Beijing once more honor appears, it is collect learning communication, exhibition is revealed, commerce negotiates, the omnibus professional activity with the high quality scales at an organic whole, large-scale, more authoritative experience of flight performance, imitate, innovation of science and technology of unmanned to promoting our country aircraft and transition upgrade, drive aerospace and development of estate of unmanned aircraft system to will produce main bridge effect in the round.

Annual Beijing revealed our country to serve the huge success that waits for field place to obtain in unmanned aircraft product, technology and form a complete set to the world without man-machine system grand meeting, it is internationalization degree tall, scale is large, participate in number and the industry communication activity with the more amount that postpone business, be known as our country to develop vane without man-machine industry, the times attention that suffers a country to concern branch, army and local orgnaization and consideration, get the attention of broad industry colleague and support greatly.

2018UAS EXPO CHINA will reveal unmanned vehicle, unmanned shipping, unmanned submerge mainly implement, unmanned aeroboat, unmanned aircraft system of overall, unmanned aircraft is overall technology, platform is overall and integrated technology of technology of plant of design technology, power, flight control and management, navigation, measure accuse with data. Visit communication to facilitate, 10 big themes reveal congress ad hoc area: Industrial level exhibits plant protection of area, aricultural to exhibit area, business to use reach consumptive entertainment course to exhibit product of form a complete set of area, unmanned equipment to exhibit area, aeromodelling to move road of project of culture communication area, high-quality goods develops confluence of area, the army and the people unmanned equipment exhibits area, flight to perform sports division and imitate interactive experience area. Exhibition area hopeful is broken through 20 thousand smooth rice, ginseng exhibit business to will achieve more than 100, predict to recieve professional audience 30 thousand person-time.

System of current and unmanned aircraft is exhibited will show our country not to have man-machine domain in the round sophisticated technology and innovation development, for enterprise of China and foreign countries collaboration creates more business chance, continue to lead industry green zoology development. The corresponding period will hold industry of system of 2018 unmanned aircraft to develop height forum, basically gather around demand of unmanned aircraft soldiers and police, industry, the topic for discussion such as conformity of technical research and development, industry application, resource and comfortable boat, standard, empty canal undertakes be discussinged deep. At the appointed time the outstanding achievement of place of courtyard of unit of each war industry, enterprise, scientific research, institution of higher learing, technology and product will attend conference communication and product to reveal, sponsor at the same time still just will invite couplet branch and the civil aviaton such as school of hair of ginseng, outfit and land, sea, sky, rocket army, army, land, maritime, environmental protection, agriculture, electric power, railroad, earthquake, commerce, remote sensing, public security, atmosphere, mapping, forestry. Predict to will have official of more than 1000 industry experts, entrepreneur, famous advisory orgnaization, government, military delegate and cast financing orgnaization to attend plenary meeting, discuss unmanned machine industry to develop good prospect jointly.

2018Organizing committee of UAS EXPO CHINA will take trade mission, agglomeration industry wisdom, assemble global resource, aim to make achievement of science and technology of collect of domain of unmanned aircraft system release, innovation collaboration negotiates, industrial assemble confluence and cast high end of unifinication of financing butt joint to communicate platform, wonderful hotspot nots allow to miss.