Exhibition of machinery of Japan border agriculture held time 2018 - place - limits of item on display

Published on 2019-05-11

Exhibit meeting name: Japan border agriculture is mechanical 2018 exhibition
Extend meeting time: On July 12, 2018 – 16 days
Exhibit meeting site: Japanese Hokkaido brings wide city
Hold a number: 4 years 1

Postpone meeting introduction:
Exhibition of machinery of Japan border agriculture is held 4 every years, held 33 already successfully up to now, it is complete Japan’s oldest agriculture machine is exhibited internationally. Previous term or session is exhibited can many 1000 when come from the 30 many countries such as the United States, Germany, Italy, England, France, Japan and area exhibited business to enter exhibition, exhibit an area 130 thousand square metre, recieve professional audience to exceed 82000 people. Exhibition of machinery of Japan border agriculture is Japanese effect degree of the biggest, internationalization shows best, scale highestly periodic: 4 years an agriculture machinery is exhibited, it is the level of development of agriculture machinery of Japan of knowledge of our country company, optimal platform that enters an international market. Japan is the country with production very advanced level of international agriculture machinery, exhibition of machinery of Japan border agriculture is the optimal platform that our country enterprise understands agriculture machinery of this one nation to develop a case. The development speed of the agricultural machinery product of our country is splitting, price advantage is clearly is in in international competition. Here, we invite expensive unit cordially to enter current exhibition.

Limits of item on display:
Machinery of machinery of machine of wheeled tractor, rice transplanter, combine harvester, rotary tillage, rural management machine, mower, plant protection, of all kinds Agricultural Machinery and Implement, other agriculture and equipment, spare parts; Horticultural gardens equipment and things; Plant protection and chemical fertilizer, insecticide, herbicide machinery equipment and product; Irrigate and discharge water system all; Feed and feed are mechanical; Seed, fruit, vegetable cultivates piscatorial things; Forestry things; Pasturage product; Agricultural science.

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