Shanghai Frankfurt steam deserved to extend meeting time 2018 - hold a place - means signing up

Published on 2019-05-11

     2018Year Shanghai Frankfurt steam deserves to extend meeting time, place, pattern signing up

Wait for well-known company whole world or area to purchase chief, exhibit the high opinion that can receive joining exhibiting business and audience, should exhibit already became international car a replacement, maintenance to detect equipment and supplier of automobile articles for use most admissive major is exhibited meeting.           


Will join a few days ago it is clear to exhibit application form item-by-item to fill in, the fax after building official seal is handed in at the same time to my company exhibit an expense entirely, we will according to ginseng exhibit application, pay fee chase an arrangement to affirm orderly early or late exhibit.

Serial number




 Contain content





 AThe area is exhibited

 BThe area is exhibited   

 CThe area is exhibited



1Desk3Chair, 4Small cup shoot the light, company lintel board, boarding                  

Surround  Power source electrical outlet, paper basket carpet





   Indoor light ground is exhibited (36   Smooth           Hire since rice)




Yuan/ M2

Yuan/ M2

Yuan/ M2

Room  Exhibit ground of the light inside the house to contain n area is used inside exhibition period,      Need          Field       Need to make smooth ground administration fee and charge of electricity 


Run unit of flutter of square special authorization:


Su Xi mobile phone / small letter 13917777094    

Q  Q: 2409829839

Cheng Cheng mobile phone / small letter 18701767475

Q  Q:919038500

Greeting incoming telegram seeks advice from more to exhibit meeting detail!