2018 China (Guangzhou) exhibition of international fan industry holds time - place - ginseng postpone charge introduction

Published on 2019-05-11


2018 China (Guangzhou) international fan industrial exhibition


Sponsor an orgnaization: Chinese environment learns scientificly

         Guangdong province Institute of Refrigeration

         Guangdong province is warm open air conditioning society

         Guangdong saves association of water treatment technology 

         Association of Guangzhou environmental protection industry

Undertake orgnaization: Limited company of exhibition of Guangdong rich prosperous

Assist run an unit: Guangdong saves energy-saving association 

         Shenyang air-blower group Inc.

Xi’an short for Shaanxi Province rouses dynamical Inc.

                      100 million benefit amount to Zhejiang fan Inc.

         South fan Inc.

Show time: In June 2018 26, 28 day

Exhibit an address: A of exhibition of Fair of Chinese import and export merchandise classify


The welcome attends Guangzhou international fan is exhibited:

   In recent years, as the fall of the buildup of actual strength of fan industry oneself and fuel cost, fan industry gets developing quickly, at the same time the demand of market of of all kinds fan also increases ceaselessly, large supply big demand facilitated the prosperous market of fan industry. Wind cable industry thinks generally, future of wind cable industry will enter the new normal state of steady growth. To satisfy market demand, we decide in June 2018 26, 28 days hold fair of industry of fan of Chinese Guangzhou international ceremoniously in exhibition of Fair of Chinese import and export merchandise!

Fan is exhibited by Chinese environment science society, Guangdong saves province of Institute of Refrigeration, Guangdong to warm an air conditioning association, Guangdong saves the combination such as association of industry of environmental protection of association of water treatment technology, Guangzhou to hold, with ” achieve verdancy to move prospective world natural resources to share ” for the theme, plan of the will close homemaking that smash a state, rely on a government the guidance of relevant orgnaization and collaboration, with many 60 guild close cooperation, produce Hua Najiang’s big market and economic advantage, active safeguard is exhibited of the meeting before look up sex and lead a gender, face the whole world to release exhibit meeting information.

Exhibit the meeting will be all-around present world fan industry the technology of newest and top end and product, domestic and international enterprise is the same as stage communication, supplier, purchase business to assemble in, it is an enterprise more competition ability of oneself of knowledge industry trends, promotion and famous spent superexcellent platform. Exhibit meeting general to invite an audience 50000 person-time, the organization that strengthens the abroad such as domestic professional audience and United States, Russia, Germany, Korea, Vietnam to purchase business mainly invites the job, will invite guild of user of 60 many terminal to form a delegation look around, wait for the fan inside global limits, ventilated equipment, energy-saving environmental protection offer high-end brand, latest technology and optimal technology solution.

Big platform brings big eye shot, big eye shot brings great opportunity, we devote oneself to to offer more professional exhibition service, stronger conduct propaganda to postpone business the effect, more effective clinch a deal opportunity and more abiding collaboration development.


3 exhibit linkage, share resource:

  42000m2 area 660+ postpone business 50000+ professional audiences 60+ association 30+ learning forum

   Fan is exhibited, refrigeration is exhibited, environmental protection exhibits the corresponding period to exhibit a house to hold together, fan is exhibited only the house exhibits, catenary of implementation entire industry 3 exhibit perfect union, publicize interactive, audience complementary, fluctuation swims industrial commerce negotiates more immediate advantage, 60 activity of many 30 series, guild form a delegation look around, share global accurate major of 50000 person-time essence buys the home, make super- large-scale, exceed strong passenger flow, super character fan is exhibited, exhibit an enterprise to offer a brand to reveal for broad ginseng, the optimal opportunity of client of butt joint of channel construction, produce and sale, straight face!

Exposition program: Will come 28 days on June 26, 2018

1, will exhibit a manufacturer into house cloth to 25 day spy outfit on June 24, 2018.

2, the standard will exhibit a manufacturer into house cloth on June 25, 2018.