Appear on the market electron of aegis of gold of company peaceful wave is full-dress appear - fire control of CZFE Zhengzhou international is exhibited

Published on 2019-05-11

Appear on the market electron of aegis of gold of company peaceful wave is full-dress appear – fire control of CZFE Zhengzhou international is exhibited

Golden aegis share

National level is new and high technical company

By Henan province Fire Protection Association is sponsorred, committee of work of estate of Henan fire control combines Weibohui to exhibit undertaking CZFE2018 country of the 9th Zhengzhou

Border disappear is exhibited 2018 lunar 13-15 day is held grandly in Zhengzhou international exhibition center!

Sponsor just will invite include: Related bureau of fire control of national the Ministry of Public Security total fleet of fire control of leader, province / mid 6 provinces orgnaization of Fire Protection Association, China Fire Protection Association, United States Fire Protection Association, scientific research / each are company of engineering of unit of construction of installation of school, fire control, estate business, construction, big industrial garden area, airport / hotel, municipal unit, !  

Item on display covers: Fire control electron calls the police system kind; Automatic extinguishing system kind; Net of couplet of content of wisdom fire control; Fire control equipment and equipment kind; Building fire prevention kind; Lash-up comes to help kind; Safety defends kind; Achievement of fire control engineering is revealed; Software of cartography of fire control CAD;

Fire control of 2018 Zhengzhou international is exhibited exhibit an area to will achieve 500 20000 smooth rice, ginseng to exhibit enterprise, standard 1000, 30000 person-time of visiting audience!

Understand aegis of peaceful wave gold                               

Class of home of dependency of Inc. of industry of electron of aegis of peaceful wave gold is new and high technical company, it is the large company that how electron of a professional production prevents a product. The company founds 2000, how to prevent a product to produce experience by right of old electron, regard a company as product of electric equipment of electron of new generation of development, development, production from beginning to end advocate camp goal. Annual produce of warning apparatus of aerosol of independent type light produced by electricity amounts to many 2000, it is the bibcock company that how countrywide electron prevents kind of product to produce.

Actual strength of technology of company scientific research is abundant, electron of aegis of peaceful wave gold is set how to prevent a project inside (technology) center () of class of Ning Bo city, have stuff of advanced technology title 5 people, employee of intermediate technology title 20 people, personnel of of all kinds technology occupies the 25% above of employee sum total. The company values technical innovation and own intellectual property accumulate, own 7 inventions patent, 12 practical and new-style patent, industry of 21 European Unions designs patent and 65 exteriors patent.

Production of aegis of peaceful wave gold, detect equipment is perfect, open up especially gigantic endowment introduce aerosol of high accuracy of grade of lab of 3 international attestation to detect from abroad equipment, the high capacity aerosol of 3 own research and development checks equipment and gas of 3 carbon monoxide to test equipment. Stick a transfer matic through 9 high speed, line of solder of 4 wave crest, 20 solder automatically 34 machine, machine noting model that deserve to have mechanical arm and 33 of all kinds production line, the automation that implemented manufacturing operation and semi-automatic change.

Main product package contains aegis of peaceful wave gold exploration warning apparatus of of all kinds fire, carbon monoxide warning apparatus, family expenses lights gas warning apparatus, water warning apparatus, intelligence wireless call the police system and product of electron of of all kinds family expenses, basically sell toward Euramerican market and home market, got the reliant become reconciled of the market is judged. Assure to fall in excellent professional technology and strict quality, market share holds lead position in the person of the same trade.

Since aegis of peaceful wave gold holds water oneself, insist to be with the person from beginning to end this tenet, manage what be a center with the client the concept is perforative it is in each work of firm. Company oneself manage systematic attestation and ISO 14001 through IS09001 quality, OHSAS18001, the of all kinds environment such as BSCI and attestation of social liability system. Company product passes CCC, CE, NF, the attestation of each international home such as VDS, quality got puissant safeguard. Come for years, the company is long-term the Europe such as as happy as Mai Delong, home blessing, Ou Shang, CASINO is large the collaboration that supermarket group maintains close together concerns.