Exposition of industry of science and technology of international of Beijing of the 21st 2018 China

Published on 2019-05-11

The21TH of exposition of industry of science and technology of international of Beijing of the 21st China? China? Beijing? International? High-Tech? Expo

Product of Piao of Piao brand conduct propaganda reveals Piao to be tasted newly issue Piao program interactive Piao

Extend meeting time: In May 2018 17 — on May 20 (by a definite date 4 days)

Exhibit China International of meeting site; to exhibit a center (Laoguo is exhibited)

Exhibit meeting to accumulate;60000 10 thousand smooth rice

Exposition of industry of science and technology of Chinese Beijing international (the following abbreviation ” Kebohui ” ) it is approval of classics the State Council, established 1998, change by ministry of science and technology, Ministry of Education, hair appoint, government of people of bureau of intellectual property of stimulative commission of trade of letter ministry, Department of Commerce, China International, country, Beijing is sponsorred jointly, international of industry of new and high technology communicates the international that held every year in Beijing regularly in May the grand meeting with collaboration, it is the the most important, most top class brand that Beijing holds every year can exhibit one of activities, kebohui got Beijing take seriously of party and national leader highly. Party and national leader, and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of countrywide National People’s Congress, whole nation, the State Council is departmental appoint leader, enter Kebohui’s opening ceremony and exhibition for many times, the theme is published to make a speech on significant activity of Kebohui, the height that shows pair of Kebohui takes seriously with support. Up to now, conference of the exhibition that already the guest outside condition of more than 20000 person-time attends all previous Kebohui, forum and negotiate wait for each activity, ginseng exhibit the guest outside entering the country of the meeting and company year after year to increase. The 21st Kebohui will on May 17, 2018, hold 20 days in Beijing. Go to together same, beijing division rich is met by exhibition, forum, negotiate recommend 3 parts to comprise. During, will hold in center of Beijing international exhibition ” exposition of industry of science and technology of Chinese Beijing international ” , meet at the appointed time 10 thousand audiences arrive at know exactly about sth look around.

Kebohui advantage

Through 20 years breed and develop, kebohui has become a grand meeting of omnibus science and technology that has extensive international force, become the main platform that China and world each country undertake communication of science and technology cooperates, become domain of trade of classics of our country science and technology to be provided most representative one of great international exposition with authority. Showing gain of domestic and international newest science and technology, transmit concept of forward position thought, stimulative science and technology communicated the respect such as collaboration to produce positive effect.

Top class year exemple exhibits 1. : Via approval of the State Council, sponsor jointly by 8 ministries and commissions,

Grand meeting of 2. omnibus science and technology: The 21st Kebohui held 15 to recommend negotiate, many 12 professional forum, specification is met. These content are abounded and the action business of rational deal with concrete matters relating to work recommends activity and the professional activity that seek industrial cooperation, achievement is outstanding, facilitate sign achievement of collaboration of science and technology, technology to trade project 312, consultative total amount 96 billion yuan of RMBs.

The commercial platform with top-ranking 3. : The 21st Kebohui attracts domestic and international audience to amount to 230 thousand person-time, the delegacy outside coming from 9 international to organize the 80 many conditions with 37 many countries and area group, sheet of 32 city of countrywide that visit an area, plan lists municipal government delegacy to attend Kebohui, industry of more than 2000 transnational corporation, country is gotten army group of enterprise, large mainstay industry and ginseng of small and medium sized business of tall growing sex exhibit;

The media with powerful 4. publicizes: The media of more than 280 domestic and international mainstream such as Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, CCTV, associated press, Reuter dogs report.

5. builds platform, get together business chance, consider development, hurried cooperates.

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