The 10th 2018 China (Linyi) agricultural machinery exposition

Published on 2019-05-11

Invitation letter

One, mobile setting and introduction:

We hold 9 foundation to go up in the success, continue to act on ” the benefit that extends trade in order to join is essential, the key that invites agency of professional agriculture machinery is a principle. Invite what the replay in weighing is purchasing business on, establish special agency to invite a ministry, combine government, mass organizations, media, partner, through visitting, the means such as phone, correspondence, short message is all-around, much angle, deep-seated extensive conduct propaganda, give out to domestic and international professional audience invite, purchase business to provide the service of much azimuth to what attend a meeting.

We will devote oneself to steady progress, will stand in high starting point, face broad market, big range spreads conduct propaganda, invite sincerely you to attend the 10th 2018 China (Linyi) distinguished gathering of industry of agricultural machinery exposition, the bumper harvest that go up offers the progress that will achieve a career to go up for you and benefit to help strength strong.

2, mobile theme:

Strengthen industry communication, stimulative brand development, advance agriculture machinery modernization quickly

3, origanization construction

(one) sponsor an unit:

Bureau of machinery of Linyi city agriculture

Council of city of Linyi of commission of China International trade

(2) undertake unit:

International of Shandong shellfish case can exhibit limited company

4, time and place:

Time: In March 2018 12, 14 days? ? ?

Place: Linyi international exhibition center (development of technology of economy of Shandong province Linyi Yi Hedong road 166)

5, ginseng extend range:

1, agriculture is mechanical: Agrarian scarification equipment, cultivate fertilizer distributing equipment, field managing mechanical, sow establish machinery, results machinery of the exercise on machinery of aftertreatment of mechanical, results, field;

2, agricultural carry machine: Agricultural car, 3 rounds / four-wheel and agricultural carriage car, light / car of carry cargo of car of heavy-duty lorry, project, low speed, tricar, Pi Ka, trailer and distribute accessory

3, power is mechanical: Tractor, diesel engine, diesel engine reachs generation set, gasoline engine, internal-combustion engine, inside light generation set, wind- driven, hydroelectric generator, electromotor and match accessory to wait;

4, plant protection is mechanical: Machinery of of all kinds and efficient energy-saving plant protection, destroy bug, weeding machine is provided etc;

5, pasturage is mechanical: Ensiling is mincing the machine, hay cutter, machine that knead silk, press feed of granulator of mixer of blender of disintegrator of a machine, feed, feed, feed, forage grass, grain machine of suppress machine, clear dung

6, establishment agriculture is mechanical: Sensor of equipment of machinery of vegetable big canopy, grow seedlings, temperature, take film of internal-combustion engine, conservatory, careless sign, roll sign chance, rural area is new energy equipment

7, gardening equipment: Hole puncher of mower, lawn, horticultural machinery, roll press, scanty careless machine, high pressure to call crop of the disintegrator of medical machine, branch, machine that cut fill, hedgerow machine, chain saw

8, irrigation and drainage is mechanical: Equipment of sprinkling irrigation equipment, small fill equipment, burette equipment, other part water reachs fittings;

9, farming by-product machines machinery: Machinery of rice mill instrument, drying, crocus (oar) machinery of treatment of vegetables of mechanical, fruit, tea machines mechanical, oil press instrument, cotton machines machinery to wait

10, fittings of equipment raw material: Lubricating oil of bearing gear and gear-box and fittings, fittings, agriculture machinery, drive is taken / chain, reducer, fastener / connection, draw demand / draw jet of line, clutch, filter, front axle and fittings, fuel device, lubricant device, radiator and condenser, razor blade, hydraulic pressure

6, exhibit an expense:

1, the standard exhibits: 3000 yuan / (3mx3m, a piece of 3 boarding, be in harmony talk about 2 desk, chairs. Odd mouth is exhibited 2600 yuan / )

2, install especially exhibit: 3mx6m: 3600 yuan / , 6mx6m: 5000 yuan / , 9mx6m: 6500 yuan / , 12mx6m: 8000 yuan / (above is exhibited build free, design, spray paint, carpet) .

3, smooth ground exhibits an area: 150 yuan / ㎡ (hire since at least 20 ㎡, provide water and electricity of desk and chair)

4, the smooth ground outdoor: 150 yuan / ㎡ (hire since at least 20 ㎡, provide power source)

7, advertisement form:



The price (unit: Yuan)



10000/ page

Back cover


7000/ page

Inside front cover, 3


5000/ page

Color page


1000/ page

Entrance ticket


3000/ 10 thousand

Represent evidence


2000/ 1000

Portable bag


5000/ 1000

Opening ceremony thematic setting



Hydrogen balloon









Spray paint



Knife banner


20/ face (in all 2000 face)

8, relevant activity:

(one) large opening ceremony: On March 12, 2018

(2) forum of height of agricultural machinery industry and series news news briefing: