Exposition of manufacturing industry of equipment of international of the 15th 2018 Heibei

Published on 2019-05-11

Time: In March 2018 21-24 day

Place: Heibei collects Chun Bo to see a center (Shijiazhuang Gu Cheng on the west the road is like base of domestic run flowers 3 numbers)


Origanization construction

Sponsor an unit: ? Does Heibei save mechanical guild? ? ? ? ? ? ? Heibei saves mould guild

Does Heibei save automation to learn? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Heibei province solders technical association

Assist run an unit: ? Does Heibei save machinist Cheng to learn? ? ? ? ? ? ? Heibei saves bureau of mechanical equipment whole set

Undertake unit: ? Heibei vessel inferior the exhibition serves limited company


Extend meeting theme: Innovation drive? Intelligence is made

Exhibit conference fixed position: Commercialize? Specialization? Internationalization

Exposition of manufacturing industry of Heibei international equipment, annual spring is held in Shijiazhuang of Heibei provincial capital. Will hold 14 successfully already from 2004, the brand of equipment manufacturing industry that exposition of manufacturing industry of Heibei international equipment already made China north area have force most is exhibited meeting, ferry of Beijing of base oneself upon hopes, radiation periphery visits the urban district, volume product is revealed, collaboration of technical communication, commerce, academic delibrate at an organic whole, have commercialize, specialization, the characteristic such as internationalization. Be accumulated through experience of 14 years and develop, had grown for international advanced production technology and product communicate the authoritative platform with commerce.

Exposition of manufacturing industry of equipment of international of the 15th Heibei will continue to be commercialized in order to make, specialization, the industry of internationalization is high quality grand meeting is a target, the area that exhibit an area upgrades to 50000 square metre, enclothe catenary of entire industry of equipment manufacturing industry; Exhibit ginseng of amount to a hunderd schools business and several professional audiences to build the bridge that removes communication to purchase, drive Heibei economy structural adjustment to upgrade, promote manufacturing industry of equipment of China north area to develop quickly.

“Area advantage “

Ferry of Heibei encircle Beijing, border the Bohai Sea, with Beijing ferry two city form division of economy of core of annulus Bohai Sea jointly, economic gross occupies 10% above of countrywide, china’s new after becoming afterwards bead triangle, long triangle economy grows extremely.

Hope to carry out and be advanced of unifinication country strategy as Beijing ferry, and hero brings newly-added district establish, heibei becomes what Beijing ferry industry transfers to carry on the ground, the economic progress with tremendous, sheer energy increases a latent capacity extremely already be vividly portrayed.

“Pillar industry “

Heibei equipment manufacturing industry becomes Heibei at already developing 2016 industry of the first pillar, ” equipment is made first half of the year exceed iron and steel industry to make industry the biggest industry ” show in information, 1-6 month dimensions raise a cost in order to make up equipment manufacturing industry is finished one hundred and thirty-four billion eight hundred and sixty million yuan, achieve 25.3% . 2016 annual, heibei equipment manufacturing industry is finished increase a value to amount to three hundred and two billion nine hundred and thirty million yuan, add fast amount to 10.2% , exceed GDP to add fast 3.8 percent, manufacturing industry of dimensions above equipment realizes gain 79.25 billion yuan.

“Develop way “

? ? ? ? ? ? In recent years, government of Heibei provincial Party committee, province advances industrial structural adjustment energetically. Have equipment manufacturing industry be makinged meticulously as the prospective strategy industry that prop up, form with high-end whole set equipment gives priority to component of body, crucial core to make equipment equip for led high end for foundation, intelligence industrial system. To 2020, industry of above of equipment production dimensions comes true advocate business Wu income 2 trillion yuan, among them high-end equipment manufacturing industry is occupied than achieving 12% .

“Policy guiding “

Put forward in 19 big reports: “With science and technology innovation is core, make production powerful nation. Accelerate development advanced manufacturing industry, drive Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and confluence of hypostatic economy deepness ” , ” manufacturing industry of Heibei province equipment develops ” 935 ” ” show, build the whole nation basically to 2020 new-style industrialized main base and China north is contemporary manufacturing industry base. Heibei province will be formed basically change with high end, intelligence is changed, the service is changed, green changes the system of advanced manufacturing industry that is main feature, comply with equipment to make high end change, intelligence is changed, the service is changed, the development trend such as internationalization, the key aims at intelligence to make, the 8 big fields such as equipment of advanced course traffic, car, new energy resources, aviation, marine project, foundation, project and special equipment, develop advanced equipment manufacturing industry.

“The strategy is propped up “