2018 Asias international eletroplates reach essence of life to act the role of technical exhibition

Published on 2019-05-11

Extend meeting theme: Innovation of green industry science and technology is energy-saving environmental protection  Cooperate with win-win

Tenet: Innovation service is made one-stop purchase platform

Show time: On May 21, 2018 – 23 days       Show a location: Shanghai smooth congress exhibits a center (Cao Lu 88)                             

◆ ” ” ” origanization construction                          

        Shanghai eletroplates guild                   Asian classics trade develops stimulative center

Chinese metal learns committee of technology of metallic besmear film   Chinese machinist Cheng learns finishing branch

Hong Kong enormous legendary fish intelligent exhibition group                   Chinese machinery creates industrial association

Chinese printed circuit board association

Express gratitude unit: &Association of project of Nbsp; China finishing              Hong Kong eletroplates chamber of commerce of course of study

Industry of region of Chinese finishing garden is allied           Korea eletroplates industrial association

Tianjin bank harbor eletroplates industrial garden                 Hua Qing. Hefei finishing base

Shanghai gold electronic industry garden                 Jiangsu Zhenjiang China division eletroplates garden area

Couplet of brook of kind of Zhejiang peaceful wave sincere eletroplate garden area           Chongqing weighs garden of science and technology of embellish surface project

Environmental protection of new money of door of cliff of river retail sales eletroplates industrial garden     Rich of benefit state city brook of collect county dragon eletroplates base

Undertake unit: ? ?nbsp; of  of Xing Xun of Ti of  of avarice of appraise of stop up of shrimp v nobelium          

Home cooperates: Exhibition of Shanghai encourage Lai serves limited company (in heart is joint-stock)

Abroad flutter cooperates: Singapore is round-the-world couplet shows a group (HQ Link)

Media support: ” net of Hui Cong finishing ” ” eletroplate to be acted the role of with essence of life ” ” eletroplate to produce technical network with cleanness ” =

” China eletroplates net ” ” material is protected ” ” eletroplate with environmental protection ” ” eletroplate with cover with paint “

” deep Guan surface handles a net completely ” ” general view eletroplates net of person of outstanding ability ” ” exterior project ” magazine company

◆ ” ” ” ginseng extend argument

※ dimensions advantage: Get acquainted with new agency and buy the home — industry authority association is sponsorred, exhibit business to exhibit actually to join the effect provides strong safeguard. Current exhibit can predict to attend a meeting the audience will exceed 30000 person-time, adopt strong whole world to enrol business to publicize mode, will integrated all previous exhibit the database of the meeting, the key is invited make an appointment with industry user to attend a meeting look around negotiate.

※ does not have seam a butt joint: Man-to-man invite travelling merchant — Jian of association strong thrust, major is commercialized run, share high grade travelling merchant, in the whole nation each are big report of relevant, media, website, conduct propaganda, and arrange news regularly release, report to exhibiting the process full name of the meeting to dog, arrange personnel of full-time of many 100 foreign language, will involve come here major that exhibits meeting domain purchase business to introduce me to exhibit meeting site to negotiate directly purchase.

※ develops the market: Consolidate already some market share — ginseng exhibits annual to enjoy a line to go up, the line plays integrated conduct propaganda, propagandist limits involves newspaper of website, magazine, newspaper, mobile phone, small gain, small letter to wait for new media way, ginseng exhibits multiple surprise. Follow closely is newest the market grows trends, share interactive, man-to-man commerce conjugate meets ad hoc committee, invite sincerely what the line falls come from to eletroplate on the line reach essence of life to act the role of technical trade user to purchase chief, predicting audience comes from the whole world 30 many countries and area, arrangement meets man-to-manly to negotiate, raise the superexcellent route that your product sells.

◆ " " " exhibit general situation new market, can new opportunity, new challenge