Exposition of culture of international of 2017 the Silk Road is held in Gansu Province Dunhuang

Published on 2019-05-11

On September 20, 2017 morning, the 2ndExposition of culture of international of the Silk RoadKick off in Gansu Province Dunhuang. Share the ginseng of nearly 500 honored guests that comes from each side of 51 countries and home to meet.

Exposition of culture of international of 2017 the Silk Road is held in Gansu Province Dunhuang

Current Wen Bo is met the theme is strengthen culture communication and cooperation, drive culture innovation to flourish, the organization is held ” theory, exhibit, act, achieve, trade, swim ” activity of 6 kinds of big main body, “Theory ” focusing deal with concrete matters relating to work cooperates, “Exhibit ” highlight the United States the United States and in all, “Act ” assemble art high-quality goods, “Achieve ” inheritance of perforative silk road, “Trade ” the assemble is high grade project, “Swim ” reveal filar road glamour, it is a wonderful confused is shown, the international grand meeting with rich content.

Lin Duo of secretary of Gansu Province provincial Party committee says when the opening ceremony makes a speech, gansu Province is located in Chinese northwest inland, the history massiness of long, culture, it is the Chinese nation and the important birthplace with civilized an ancient name for China, “The Silk Road 3000 lis, an ancient name for China is civilized 8000 ” the height that is pair of Gansu Province histories and culture is generalized and vivid portraiture. Hold the Silk Road (Dunhuang) international culture exposition, it is the country gifts the great mission of Gansu Province, also be place association of culture of along the line of stimulative silk road, drive ” one belt all the way ” the significant move of construction, gansu Province will done current Wen Bo to meet hammer and tongs, let each guest, friend and travelling merchant be obtained somewhat each, come back with fruitful results.

Undersecretary of China Communist News Ministry, country does vice director Cui Yuying newly to express in the speech, culture is rich because of communication, colorful because of including, rise because of each other ancient bronze mirror. Culture of each country of along the line of the Silk Road is rich and multivariate, 1000 appearance 100 condition, have distinguishing feature not, do not have the cent of relative superiority or inferiority. Dunhuang article rich can be sure become ” drive culture communication, conspire collaboration to develop ” grand meeting. The hope attends the meeting to just be acted on each in all business, build in all, the principle that share, inheritance and develop filar road drive, perfect cooperative mechanism, widen communication channel, the each country that help strength is in ancient bronze mirror of each other of mutual respect understanding, mutual appreciation, walk out of to encounter the road of bosom friend, joint development.

Luo Shugang of culture ministry minister says when the speech, the press close to on the confluence on the self-identity on the thought, idea, affection is the base that collaboration expands, and the understand one another that its germ depends on culture, mutual self-identity and include each other. Dunhuang article rich can is the international grand meeting that with filar road culture communication gives priority to a problem one, we wish with be present each colleague together, collaboration is begun extensively in each domain such as trade of culture, classics, travel, culture of the road that it is silk blends build the bridge that be interlinked, develop the ala that increases power hand in hand for country of along the line, also be ” one belt all the way ” foundation of construction tamp popular wishes, build firm society foundation.

Dunhuang article rich can be our country is current and only with ” one belt all the way ” the omnibus exposition that international culture communication gives priority to a problem. The 2nd Wen Bo can carry out Chairman Xi Jinping was held this year in May deep ” one belt all the way ” spirit of speech of forum of international collaboration height, hold to in all business, build in all, the principle that share, drive culture communication, conspire cooperative development.

With first photograph comparing, current Wen Bo can add the content of the respect such as originality of culture classics trade, culture, join can total number to exceed first Wen Bo was met last year. Among them, ginseng exhibit number and journalist of China and foreign countries to exceed 2100 people, make the main trend that Wen Bo meets, the heat that proved international society to be met to Dunhuang Wen Bo again is held in both hands, also confirm the world and country of along the line are right ” one belt all the way ” the high self-identity of the proposal.

On the opening ceremony, still have come from Chinese commerce to promote meeting, China to publish a group company and the branch such as black, Afghanistan, Mexico mixes Greek, Niger, wave national honored guest makes a speech. Rich meets current article to publish wide report by news of government of culture ministry, the Gansu Province, country commerce of total bureau, national tourism bureau, China promotes 5 units such as the meeting to sponsor.

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