Day of 2017 worlds city and Shanghai city illume are exhibited

Published on 2019-05-11

“World city day ” it is Chinese government drives the first international day that establish in U.N. . It originates the mental bequest that Shanghai world rich meets, meet with Shanghai world rich theme ” city, make the life better ” as total theme. “World city day ” establish incentive mankind to innovate for the city with harmonious development indefatigable pursuit and struggle.

Day of 2017 worlds city and Shanghai city illume are exhibited

One, offer urban infrastructure to build operation to serve a solution integratedly in the round

Fulfil to carry out the city works in the center of 2016 conference spirit, hold to the innovation, harmonious, green, open, development concept that share, perfect city administers a system, raise a city to govern ability, walk out of city of characteristic of a China to develop way. Hold every year ” Shanghai international city and building exposition ” be ” world city day ” the activity is significant one of activities, the theme 2017 is ” urban processing, open innovation ” .

Urban work is project of a complex system, the key is program, construction and management 3 large segment. In recent years, infrastructure builds the main engine that makes modern city construction, the government builds the relevant investment of the domain to already waited to city of zoology environmental protection, infrastructure, wisdom mainly in the city tilt. The city already was built from large-scale concentration period enter pair of science to change essence of life to refine the level with administrative higher demand.

City of 2017 Shanghai international and building exposition build a level with promoting a city, build fast city to develop hardware foundation to be a tenet. The dominant position of governmental natural resources with solid have the aid of, play Shanghai serves as those who have international force is metropolitan in municipal construction the innovation of the domain leads action, assemble is domestic and international advanced product and technology, drive domestic town base to build development of entire industry catenary. The infrastructure that precedes domestic and internationally for government and choice of large state-owend enterprise builds operation to serve business integratedly to build cooperative platform. Make trend of the achievement of newest science and technology with urban infrastructure case, development for the force of of thousands of company use up all one’s resources between domestic town to show content, measure of the technical standard that delibrate infrastructure builds, policy, share the working experience of urban progress and processing, town of stimulative our country changes the innovation of science and technology that constructs a field.

2, reviewing of previous term or session

“City of 2016 Shanghai international and building exposition ” exhibit an area to amount to 18000 square metre, the spot sets 12 themes to exhibit an area in all, include: “Urban day ” the theme shows area and city building of house of safety of integrated construction, city, town, town is built, protection of scene of history of traffic of afforest of park of environmental protection of zoology of green of town planning and building design, city, city, city, city and urban transition, city. Case covers the whole process that the city is built and manages, exhibited the urban design, wonderful case that assembles type to build technology, underground to be in charge of the construction such as city of demonstrative area of corridor, low carbon, sponge integratedly to manage a project, strengthen and advanced the mutual communication between city of China and foreign countries and domestic province city and study. “City rich is met ” during holding, deputy secretary-general of yellow be in harmony of government of people of Shanghai people government Deputy mayor Chen Yin, Shanghai the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Vice-chairman Li Yi smooth, Shanghai, Shanghai is urban and rural Cui Minghua of secretary of Party committee of construction and traffic job’s secretary, with ginseng exhibited an enterprise to undertake talk, understand the product with newest enterprise, technology and case application. Current ” city rich is met ” hold still got broadcasting station of broadcast of TV station of CCTV, Shanghai, Shanghai, China builds newspaper, news morning paper, new civilian the high attention of more than nearly 20 media such as report of evening paper, article, Oriental net, the outstanding project that exhibits to this activity and ginseng, new technology, new product had a story.

3, exhibit meeting characteristic

Exhibited 2017 can going to continue to promote on the foundation, special open ” urban infrastructure builds special subject ” , key focusing solid is useless use, household of building of community of establishment of project of tunnel of bridge of water treatment, road, communication, wisdom, intelligence, intelligence, solar energy is technology of smooth hot season, terrestrial heat, wind energy, BIM, municipal the technical level such as afforest of illume, gardens. Show an area 20000 ㎡, will ginseng of enterprise of many 200 China and foreign countries is exhibited, the thematic forum of tens of field and special subject delibrate, centered downstream industry catenary is best on the industry the beautiful, company that has force most, if Shanghai city is cast, explain share of group, greenbelt group, channel, medium build bridge of road of 8 bureaus, Pudong to wait.

4, audience organization

(One) audience classification

1, governmental orgnaization and infrastructure management department, guild

2, international project contracts and construction company is represented

3, agent, trading company

4, supplier of manufacturer, product, technology is compositive business, advisory service business

5, student of advisory orgnaization of place of scientific research courtyard, design, college

6, infrastructure unit of investment

7, professional media

(2) conference activity