The 8th China (Linyi) international trade matter sheds exposition to all show international model

Published on 2019-05-11

Fall in September, orange osmanthus waves sweet, the 8thChina (Linyi) international trade matter sheds exposition(abbreviation business gain is met) will pull open heavy curtain, well-known company ginseng exhibits the whole world, world center purchases business to go to meeting, more reveal rich giving trader to meet ” international model ” , also will exhibit an enterprise to bring infinite business chance for each district ginseng at the same time.

The 8th China (Linyi) international trade matter sheds exposition to all show international model

Ginseng postpone business: Expect ” international model ” Xin Pinxiu

Business gain can be held from 2010 up to now, had become the preeminent company that comes from global each district to extend the first selection platform of the market gradually, each ginseng exhibits an enterprise to make full use of the home of advantage race to control such as him price, cost, technology, innovation and even international market. Ginseng the internationalization that postpones business and specialization rate rises ceaselessly, assemble many home major buys the home and high end to purchase group natural resources, also let business gain meet ” international model ” more and more sufficient.

“Business gain can have easy thing to shed condition and the person energy of life that collect major to purchase business, it is to show company image, publicize what taste newly to go up beautiful arena. Business gain is met this year on, our company shows the emphasis two new-style products. ” other people of conference report business sheds business gain the ginseng that exhibit an area exhibits Li Yong of manager of large division of north of course of study of model of company force raise to say. He thinks, business gain can be the window that a product shows not just, it is the platform that investment negotiates and the carrier that international interacts more, to the enterprise, hold this god-given internationalization adequately to reveal an opportunity, to henceforth enterprise ” go ” the effect that will have get twice the result with half the effort.

Mubohui exhibits the ginseng of the area to postpone one of businesses, home Han Shi Home Fu Jicheng resides Han Laixiang of limited company general manager to express, a when meeting since brand publicizes business gain important channel, also be the important way of company move business. Gain of all previous business can be each brand lets a hundred flowers blossom, the arena of each show one’s skill, especially spot person wave moves the Mubohui last year, let the trend that the enterprise saw wooden industry industry grows flourishingly, right also rich can be full of business to expect this year.

Han Laixiang tells a reporter, at present the company has studied give out a series of be tasted newly and new technology, formed oneself to provide the product of market competition ability most, on the Mubohui this year, wooden industry will give Han master to purchase business domestic and internationally to bring a surprise. “As to specific it is what product, or when Mubohui announced answer to a riddle again that day! ” he says.

Citizen: Do not go abroad the door all is enjoyed one-stop the whole world is bought

Not be to be in Europe, either in day Han, also not be in Hong Kong, Taiwan, but the former outfit wine that here has and other places of France, Italy, high-grade kitchen utensils and appliances of Germany, box is wrapped, the characteristic nation food of Russia, candied biscuit, produce olive oil of Spain formerly, polish beeswax is amber act the role of article, the health care of the United States, Canada is tasted, the characteristic sheep woolen that Australia produces formerly, the milk products of New Zealand, honey is waited a moment… 23 days – 25 days, the entrance that the ground product of raw ingredient of several kinds of when come from 48 countries and area former juice will gather together to be met to gain of the 8th business completely exhibits an area, to the citizen, will not go abroad the door all enjoys global shopping sumptuous dinner.

“Before two days ramble exhibit, eat repeatedly belt look give priority to, make visit by the way price. The last day sweeps money, horsepower a standard-sized sheet is bought buy, most circumstance falls to help close friends incidentally even. This is the person that I am exhibited as a common view, in rambled a few years repeatedly business gain can import what after exhibiting, sum up to cover a region! ” 20 days, citizen week Li expresses already too impatient to wait thinks of business gain can be purchased one time. She tells a reporter, during business gain was met last year, candy of make friends of toilet soap of handiwork of the Russia bass honey that she purchased price material benefit, Thailand and coffee of Taiwan La Shan, ox, suffer greatly in friend circle reputably.

Another citizen Ms. Deng prepares to carry a family to go together business gain can import commodity to exhibit ” ramble eat ramble eat ” . “Business gain can fail to ramble because of individual reason last year, see a friend in the circle be brushed by each country full of beautiful things in eyes, cheap and fine item on display almost screen, be determined to cannot be missed certainly this year. ” she says.