5 big gain let exposition of net of couplet of 2018 worlds other people be worth to expect more

Published on 2018-06-21

2017 what by ministry of industry and informatization ministry, science and technology, Jiangsu province people government sponsorsExposition of net of couplet of world other peopleAccomplish each agenda smoothly already, ring down the curtain satisfactorily. Conference organizing committee entrusts rich getting thing,

5 big gain let exposition of net of couplet of 2018 worlds other people be worth to expect more

Current substance rich is met with ” content couplet world, start tomorrow in all ” for the theme, around make content couplet net ” trend of platform of international communication collaboration, industry releases achievement of platform, technology to reveal platform, industry to develop platform of assemble of talent of investment platform, high end ” for the target, content is rich, formal diversity, achievement plentiful and substantial. The success that content rich meets is held, built implementation ” prospective setting ” big environment, assemble the most high grade resource of domain of net of global content couplet, revealed the development foreground with vast industry of content couplet network and vast development space, drove times of content couplet net come at an early date.

1. dimensions grand occasion strides new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. Current substance rich is met dimensions is baronial, exceptionally grand occasion. Sessional increase by 3 days of last year for 4 days. Meeting site ginseng meets the peak the number increases by the 1000 people last year for 2300 people, exhibit assembly room house to raise 5 houses by 4 houses last year. Content rich can highlight the diversity of rich sex of the activity, content and participation extensive sex this year. Share a the highest peak in a mountain range to meet, 10 heights forum and other 15 activities, include thematic summit forum of meeting, height, achievement is released, the multinomial content such as talent communication. Administrative levels promotes ceaselessly, attend a summit the honored guest administrative levels of meeting and forum is high, authority is had in industry. Academician of its China inside and outside 39, more than last year 500 strong companies of world of 14 people; 42, more than last year 10. Glamour is increased apparently, having Xi Feng can be the grand opera that content rich meets, force of Ma Yun, Xiong Qun, Wu Hequan, Ding Han, Xu Wenwei, Kapier? Lawaer ” big Ga ” collective shows a body, strengthened the force that content rich meets. According to not complete count, more than 20000 people sign up attend to be met without Xi Feng, can saying is one ticket is begged hard. 1.5 million person watched conference spectacular event through the direct seeding on the line, the highest peak in a mountain range meeting and cent forum direct seeding are online watch a number to exceed 80 million. The number increases significantly, join meeting enterprise to achieve 5310, meet a honored guest than turning over; one time to join last year 9520 people, bigger than growing business of 25.26%; classics operation last year data is analysed, view of 4 days of accumulative total exhibits a number to exceed 160 thousand person-time, grow 39% than last year.

2. wisdom collision condenses new consensus. 4 days come, scholar of leader of the governmental leader that comes from world each district, industry, expert and industry elite are represented, get together in beauty too of the lake bank, the times that cincture couplet net develops is propositional, spread out sufficient thought communication, share successful experience, in all the word is great wish scene, in all business grows a major programme of lasting importance, reached a bright consensus finally: An era of new net of global content couplet is coming quickly, content couplet net develops ” the rising sun ” jumping out. This one times has the following of 3 respects idiosyncratic: It is grow from the enterprise look, of sure and ecbolic new generation gigantic without bully enterprise. 2 it is from the industry layout looks, sure contain distinctive district label and impress. 3 it is from development the trend looks, sure and extensive and thorough ground deepens process of the confluence that cross a boundary. Delegate attending the meeting believes, times of net of global content couplet is leading the whole world new the spring tide that round of informatization develops, lift new round IT revolution, bring the heavy revolution of run mode of system of global economy society. This is a piece of whole world ” person, machine, content ” interweaving vast network, will weigh model greatly the means of people job, life, study, efficiency and character, the civilized development that promotes human society goes ahead again one stride. The spring tide that net of couplet of content of this whole world develops, to China, Jiangsu, without stannum, the meaning is earthshaking and far-reaching. Among them, have net of couplet of the most extensive content to apply the China of setting and market of net of couplet of the hugest matter, had had lead this field is new the ability of spring tide of round of informatization, be sure to become the person that the carry out with this new the most active era goes. Without stannum, the set sth afoot land that develops as net of Chinese content couplet, in be sure to participate in its, be benefited from which. During at the same time content rich is met, still released ” Chinese area piece catenary and innovation of confluence of content couplet net use blue book ” , model of maturity of intelligent engineering capability (try out) , white paper of net of couplet of industrial other people, ” make Jiangsu become net of global content couplet to develop strategic upland ” investigation report, for industry of content couplet network development offerred direction and way.