Dozenth a China (Xian) things of international lube, fat, conserve and technical equipment exhibition

Published on 2018-06-21

Time: September 2018 7-9 day    

Place: Xi’an greenbelt pen overcomes an international exhibition center (the road austral Tangyan of area of tower of Xi’an city wild goose 4)

Sponsor an unit

Shanghai lube tastes guild   Shandong saves lube guild                       

Undertake unit Beijing vessel is become achieve win international to show limited company      

Extend meeting program

▼ cloth exhibits: In September 2018 5-6 day (9:00-17:00)  ▼ kicks off: On September 7, 2018 (9:10)

▼ exhibits: September 2018 7-9 day (9:00-16:30)  ▼ removes exhibit: On September 9, 2018 (15:00)

Xi’an lube postpones meeting introduction

Xi’an, the central city with northwest main area, it is center of the economy that economy of the Silk Road takes, culture, trade, it is northwest lead to city of each district of Central Plains, China north and Hua Dong surely the road of classics, country ” one belt all the way ” move of industrial strategy depth, lubricant market is built in succession, become the key area of industry attention and development.

“China International oil is tasted exhibit meeting ” it is by Beijing the vessel is become achieve win international to show limited company tendency force is made, “One year two professional oil are tasted exhibit meeting ” , toward ” Shenyang—Chongqing ” two cities linkage, come to what promote the consequence of domestic and international brand and market effectively extend for years. Exhibit the success of the meeting in view of Chongqing, also to let the more agent, product that purchases more of business bring into contact with to serve high qualitily, cost-effectively, high, dozenth oil tastes a China International exhibit meeting general to be held in ancient capital Xi’an, aim to use area dominant position, drive integral market development. We will be carried out continuously ” build international lube to purchase commerce platform, stimulative enterprise to communicate collaboration ” tenet, function and fixed position, make hard understand thoroughly industry technology to take situation, knowledge market level, reduce purchase cost, search those who inspect a supplier is agent, optimal exhibit meeting platform, for the science and technology of enterprise of domestic and international lube development builds bridge, for the industry progress is offerred help strength.

Summary goes, development future, “Dozenth 2018 oil tastes a China International exhibit meeting ” flutter job has been started, will make full use of the advantage of central city, those who attract business of more domestic and international well-known trademark participate in. As undertake unit, we invite things of domestic and international lube, fat, conserve and relevant industry business cordially to enter current exhibition here, we exhibit the ginseng that is you reach look around provide all advantage and good service.


Xi’an lube exhibits meeting ginseng to extend range

◆ car is marine lube, fat: Derv engine is gear oil of oily, gasoline engine oil, grease, car, marine machine of lube, project uses lube of lube, autocycle to wait;

◆ industry lube, fat: Hydraulic pressure oil, gear oil, compressor oil, vavuum pump oil, conduct oily, electric equipment to use oil, balata lube of oil of lube of level of oil of special oil, slideway oil, conduction oil, refrigerator oil, chain, provision, bearing, transformer oil, shock absorber oil, high temperature,

Things of ◆ car conserve: Oil of fluid of things of things of engine conserve things, conserve of air conditioning system, gear-box conserve things, automobile body conserve and antifreeze, brake, cooling fluid, brake, fight grind things of conserve of additive of agent, clean fuel, inside and outside waiting for a car.

◆ additive: Fight oxygen to fight corrupt agent, fight grind extremely press agent, activator, fight oxygen to prevent index of passivator of glue agent, thickener, antirust, pour-point depressant, broken emulsion, metal, viscosity bubble of improver, disappear fights bubble agent, compound agent, PH is worth conditioning agent, extremely press;

◆ base oil: Mineral base oil, synthesis base oil, vegetable base oil;

Fluid of ◆ metal cutting: Fluid of water-solubility cutting fluid, oily cutting fluid, volatile punch oil, other cutting;

: of ◆ relevant instrument? Is gourd ladle  pushed return Mu to treat flute of dainty of Hu of ⒓ of a huge legendary turtle of left-eyed flounder look to a kind of bag is Nai of  of San of D of ⒛ of look a huge legendary turtle taken?

The production of ◆ lube, pack, fill outfit, label pressworks, harmonic equipment and assess test instrument, assess method and quality control technology;