Oily machinery of food of international of the 8th 2018 Guangzhou reachs package machine exhibition

Published on 2018-06-21

The corresponding period holds: Exposition of oily product of food of international of the 12nd 2018 Guangzhou
Time: On June 28, 2018 – 30 days    
Place: Wide hand in can exhibit house B area (bead area reads Guangzhou city sea Jiang Zhonglu 382)

Sponsor an unit:
Ying Fuman can exhibit a group
Chinese grain oil learns
Chinese grain oil learns grease branch
Branch of rice of Chinese commissariat guild
Guangdong saves food trade association
Chinese food and association of the industry that pack

Support an unit:
Guangxi commissariat guild
Liaoning saves commissariat guild
Jilin saves commissariat guild
Guild of commissariat of the Anhui province
Association of Thailand rice exporter
Kampuchea paddy rice is allied
Association of Pakistan rice exporter
Vietnam commissariat association
Association of exporter of complete India rice

Business support:
Couplet is weighed in division Shepherd group
Maiande   Heart Ma restrains a group
Tom is packed Collect develop science and technology
Build ability machine Machine of China peaceful grain
Tan Gong is mechanical  Understand machinery
Nimble fast photoelectricity  Cloth forces a group
Zun Zhu is mechanical  Zhangzhou Yu Jie
Zhangzhou force is exhibited  Zhangzhou great quick
Xing Kun is mechanical  In food group
In beneficial Hai Jia
Undertake unit:
Sail of Guangzhou Ying Fuman meaning shows finite liability company
Exhibition of Guangzhou city art sail serves limited company

Ying Fuman is the whole world plan and constituent exhibition, conference, public activity and groomed England are large appear on the market company, also be the whole world accepted the meeting that is worth reliance most exhibits one of commerce suppliers, hold every year all over the world exceed 200 large meetings to exhibit an activity, for business circles major personage and consumer offer cooperative commerce, market to develop, the professional platform that expands business. The group is exhibited can involve grain oil, food, mechanical, healthy, hairdressing to beautify hair, the many industries such as agriculture, industry, building materials. Ying Fuman group has powerful international to be able to exhibit resource, offer to postpone business all-around brand promotion, the high quality service of marketing of commerce communication, product and conformity of global industry resource.

IGME is the English abbreviate of Internation Grain&Oil Machinery Exposition, chinese abbreviation ” world grain oil is exhibited ” , of IGME rise abruptly originate IOE oily rich can be exhibited with IRE rice, this is exhibited can be by Chinese grain oil of grain of oily society, China learns branch of rice of guild of commissariat of grease branch, China, Guangdong to save food of commissariat guild, China and association of the industry that pack and Guangzhou the grain that sail of Ying Fuman meaning exhibits combination to combine guidance to sponsor is oily the industry is exhibited. IGME establishs 2011, inchoate in Guangzhou bright and beautiful Chinese exhibition center is held, moved 2013 division is wide hand in can exhibit house C area. Expand as dimensions ceaselessly, moved 2016 division is wide hand in can exhibit house B area, dimensions exceeds 2.5W square metre, exhibit business to exceed 650. End to exhibited an area to already amounted to 3W square metre at present 2017.

1. De Make accuses a group limited company to always say high: “What we do is the machine that blow bottle and robot, this year is successive attend this the 3rd year to exhibit met, annual can bring into contact with all sorts of in the enterprise of large edible oil and water, the audience is very high grade, be a very high standards exhibit meeting. Be a very high standards exhibit meeting..

2. Changzhou collects moustache of limited company of develop science and technology to always say: “Oil of IGME world grain is exhibited is to be in the oil industry that pack is very professional, the product that we bring is equipment of the product line of machine of fill outfit machine, lid coming back and liquid that pack, current exhibit meeting bring into contact with a lot of clients that become grease, water and beverage, acknowledgment organizing committee gives us a platform.

3. Yantai flies amount to Diao Zong of mechanical limited company to say: “IGME is the most professional food oily industry that we enter is exhibited meeting, gathered together numerous bibcock enterprise, machine of our fill outfit is the special device of edible oily industry, reaction is first-rate. Reaction is first-rate..

4. cloth straps manager of summer of department of market of group China limited company to say: “We are successive attend Guangzhou grain oil 5 years to exhibit, the audience that the organizing committee invites is very professional, can bring into contact with is numerous and large commissariat produces manufacturer, and Kampuchea, pakistan, Thailand and Vietnam have a lot of clients to come over, harvest every year very much “