Treatment of food of international of the 27th 2018 Guangzhou, package machine reachs exhibition of equipment of form a complete set

Published on 2018-06-21

Time: On June 28, 2018 – 30 days  Place: Wide hand in can exhibit house B area (Guangzhou city reads Jiang Zhonglu 382)

Association of ◆ China food and association of package machine industry, Chinese food industry is sponsorred jointly, authority casts brand grand meeting;

The food industry with ◆ China southern the the biggest, most professional dimensions is exhibited meeting, include food treatment, package machine reachs catenary of entire industry of equipment of form a complete set;

◆ Guangdong province is food machinery reach the manufacturing industry that pack to be saved greatly, border Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, have advantageous situation and capacity of radiate of extremely strong economy;

The 8 big couplet that exhibit a house exhibit ◆ , 80 thousand square metre exhibits an area, machinery of many 2500 food and the corresponding period of food beverage industry exhibit, professional audience exceeds 100 thousand person-time;

‖ sponsors unit ‖                  ‖ supports orgnaization ‖                     ‖ enterprise supports ‖

Ying Fuman can exhibit a group                 Fujian Province food and association of package machine industry    Another name for Guangdong Province east machinery always achieves machinery 

Chinese food and association of package machine industry     Heibei saves association of food machinery industry          Inscription intelligent machinery  100 coronals are mechanical

Association of Chinese food industry               Jiangsu saves association of food package machine          Share of grand of express the idea collects develop science and technology

Guangdong saves food and association of package machine industry   Zhejiang saves package machine committee            De Make controls an understand machine

Guangdong saves food society                   Fly amount to machinery  Blue sea machinery ‖ undertakes unit ‖

Sail of Guangzhou Ying Fuman meaning shows finite liability company 

Exhibition of Guangzhou city art sail serves limited company


Ying Fuman is the whole world plan and constituent exhibition, conference, public activity and groomed England are large appear on the market company, also be the whole world accepted the meeting that is worth reliance most exhibits one of commerce suppliers, hold every year all over the world exceed 200 large meetings to exhibit an activity, for business circles major personage and consumer offer cooperative commerce, market to develop, the professional platform that expands business. The group is exhibited can involve grain oil, food, mechanical, healthy, hairdressing to beautify hair, the many industries such as agriculture, industry, building materials. Ying Fuman can exhibit a group to have powerful international to be able to exhibit resource, offer to postpone business all-around brand promotion, the high quality service of marketing of commerce communication, product and conformity of global industry resource.

1. China food and Chu Yufeng of director of association of package machine industry say: “At present our China feeds a bag assist what sponsor exhibiting basically can be north on wide, guangzhou food machines package machine to exhibit is us of southern and only support exhibit meeting, much square metre of 6W of company of food of the corresponding period exhibits dimensions, hope each member unit supports us to be exhibited southernly with all one’s strength meeting. Hope each member unit supports us to be exhibited southernly with all one’s strength meeting..

2. De Make accuses a group limited company to always say high: “What we do is the machine that blow bottle and robot, this year is successive attend this the 3rd year to exhibit met, annual can bring into contact with all sorts of in business of large provision plant, the audience is very high grade, this is exhibited meet us can attend every year. This is exhibited meet us can attend every year..

3. Changzhou collects moustache of limited company of develop science and technology to always say: “What we do is the equipment such as the product line of fill outfit machine, liquid that pack, feed this in IFPE machine exhibit on harvest very much order, realise the manufacturer home such as a lot of grease, water, beverage, red wine.