Exhibition of space of floor of intelligence of 2018 Beijing international holds time - place - limits of item on display

Published on 2019-05-11

Previous term or sessionExhibition of space of floor of Beijing international intelligenceExhibit an area 20000 square metre, the ginseng of many 300 enterprise that attracted the whole world is exhibited, share the 17829 people that come from 58 countries and area to arrive at look around. The organizing committee is right after exhibit the investigation of the information that postpone business makes clear: The ginseng of 86% exhibits business to be opposite of current exhibition showpiece the effect expresses satisfaction, the ginseng of 81% exhibits business to strong interest expresses to will attend again play a fair, the ginseng of 77% exhibits business to think compared to the same period other is exhibited the meeting is current exhibit can have larger dominant position.

Exhibition of space of floor of intelligence of 2018 Beijing international holds time – place – limits of item on display

Make clear to the investigation of audience information: The audience of 83% expresses to be willing to exhibit this can recommend commercial associate or work in the same place, the audience of 76% expresses to will look around to was exhibited 2018 meeting, we are certain below one is exhibited can support through postponing business and organize the joint efforts with various unit, will do better more.

◆ ” ” ” industry distinguished gathering:

Below the setting that develops ceaselessly in our country real estate, lou Yuzhi can change the market to grow quickly subsequently. The idea that Lou Yuzhi can turn already more and more thorough popular feeling. The center of Shanghai Jin Mao edifice, round-the-world banking structure that uses Lou Yuzhi to be able to be changed appears ceaselessly, at present eaves intelligence changes the building to wait for city of a gleam of in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen the application in high-grade residence is general, make the new trend of high-grade property. Take precautions against natural calamities of closed-circuit television monitoring, entrance guard management, parking lot management, guard against theft calls the police the system also already relatively common.

The exploration that the course comes to for years, advance, intelligence of space of our country floor changes academic, construction the respect such as construction of code, design, property management, also get greater progress subsequently. At present intelligence of domestic building space influences product market by abroad a few companies are held, if Huoniweier, IBM, Jiang Sen accuses oneself,wait. The Lou Yuzhi that our country still lacks hi-tech can change a system compositive product. Additional, in accurate bestow system moves the project fact that holds intelligent architectural to design fixed position, high quality effectively administrative field, with foreign developed country photograph comparing still has certain difference.

For the better progress that promotes trade of intelligent floor world, support energetically in what get relevant director department below, the 7th 2018 China (Beijing) exhibition of space of international intelligence floor will in June 2018 28 ~ are in Beijing 30 days to also achieve an international exhibition center to be held ceremoniously. This second congress will with ” outstanding brand, development innovation, pay attention to actual effect ” do exhibit a tenet, depend on distinctive originality, scientific and reasonable conformity travels and serve outstandingly, exhibit business to offer for broad ginseng with brand-new concept ” high level, high grade, high quality ” show communication arena, make trade of world of market intelligence floor be provided most the dimensions, most valuable with the top class grand meeting that has authority most, this second exhibit what can expect you to participate in.

◆ ” ” ” ginseng extend argument:

※ dimensions advantage, get acquainted with new agency and buy the home: Exhibit business to exhibit actually to join the effect provides strong safeguard. Current exhibit can predict to attend a meeting the audience will exceed 20000 person-time, adopt strong whole world to enrol business to publicize mode, will integrated all previous exhibit the database of the meeting, the key is invited make an appointment with user of trade of intelligent floor world to attend a meeting look around negotiate.

※ is not had seam a butt joint, invite domestic and international travelling merchant: In exhibit a house inside, subway station, hotel all has advertisement to indicate a shop sign, arrange personnel of full-time of many 1000 foreign language, will involve come here major that exhibits meeting domain purchase business to introduce me to exhibit meeting site to negotiate directly purchase.

※ develops the market, consolidate already some market share: Ginseng exhibits annual to enjoy a line to go up, the line plays integrated conduct propaganda, propagandist limits involves newspaper of website, magazine, newspaper, mobile phone, small gain, small letter to wait for new media way, ginseng exhibits multiple surprise. Follow closely is newest the market grows trends, share interactive, man-to-man commerce conjugate meets ad hoc committee, invite sincerely come from on the line the user of trade of intelligent floor world below the line purchases chief, the audience comes from the whole world 50 many countries and area, arrangement meets man-to-manly to negotiate, raise the superexcellent route that your product sells.

◆ ” ” ” whole journey of media of a hunderd schools dogs report: