2017 without Xi Taihu exposition of international intelligence industry extends meeting time - place - join the introduction that postpone business

Published on 2018-06-21

Can copolymerization industry great event! Group flower gather together, the shock comes again ” stannum ” . Without exposition of industry of intelligence of Xi Taihu internationalIn September 25-28 day too lake international reads extensively central China colour appears: Equipment of the cut of 500 machine tools and robot, laser, technology that pack, bedspring exhibits Shang Cheng to invite look around freely! The industry of each and an a forward position technology, factory production be closely bound up applies setting, show industry in the round the example of 4 solutions, will bring exclaim making a person and excited newest product to you!

2017 without Xi Taihu exposition of international intelligence industry extends meeting time – place – join the introduction that postpone business

Exhibit meeting general situation:

Be opposite actively without stannum currently receive ” China is made 2025 ” and ” Internet + ” action plan, insist to be changed with intelligence, green is changed, the service is changed, high-end melt into leads, make modern industry develop new upland with all one’s strength. For this, industry gain can invite more than 500 enterprises to participate in, exhibit an area nearly 30000 square metre. Serve as the large-scale industry facility that runs 30 exclusively continuously without stannum to exhibit, more rising this year for integrated model industry is exhibited, cent is: Equipment of cut of machine tool, laser, bedspring reachs the technology that pack 4 exhibit an area greatly, deduced jointly ” interconnection system stimulative intelligence is produced ” revolution.

Exhibit meeting time and place:

In September 2017 25-27 day 9:30, 16:30

On September 28 9:30, 11:30

Without Xi Taihu international reads extensively central B1 house, B2 house, B3 house, B4 house

2017 industry gain can postpone business It is a pleasure to be the first to read an artical or see a film.

“Character is social responsibility ” it is 100 exceed enlighten can the management concept of laser eternity, the research and development of equipment of avery kind of, design and production pay attention to technical innovation, scientific design, nicety to make, system of management of quality of strict according to guards a pass each production segment, ensure each leave factory the function of equipment and character.

Limited company of science and technology of laser of Fosan city grand hill is the company of new and high technology that banner of industrial limited company leaves Guangdong grand hill. Collect laser precision is mechanical, numerical control and modern management are an organic whole, major is engaged in the research and development of industrial laser equipment and production.

Since Hangzhou always achieves intelligent equipment Inc. to be established oneself dedicated all the time the design of research and development that packages equipment and set package data at be engaged in, production is made, installation is debugged serve with the technology, offer solution of the equipment that pack for the client to rely on with the technology. Company brand also has certain force in the world, the product sells more than 50 countries such as past United States, Germany, Korea, Italy and area.

Changzhou is achieved get the better of special limited company of equipment of machine tool of Er numerical control is one basically pursues style of door of vertical, horizontal, dragon the modern technology of Wu of kimono of the research and development of equipment of machine tool of of all kinds numerical control such as machining center, production, sale enterprise. Those who pass calendar year is difficult do poineering work, had made inside the industry piece ” achieve get the better of special Er ” brand, the product is popular domestic and international, get the welcome of broad user. . . .

Sky of elder brother mountain becomes occasion of sharp edge essence: Held water 2004, for manufacturer of tower of knife of professional CNC lathe, produce towers of all sorts of hydraulic pressure knife and servo knife tower, will be introduced ceaselessly and absorb Japanese advanced technique for years, have high quality, the knife tower of high accuracy designs technical capability.

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