Brand of more than 100 cars appears on 2017 Yantai thirteenth international auto industry is exhibited

Published on 2019-05-11

Annual September, wanting to buy to Yantai is a month that is worth to expect for car and the citizen that like a car, because be in this month, large car unfolds fall will as scheduled and to. The reporter learns from Yantai car chamber of commerce, Yantai thirteenth international auto industry is exhibitedWill this month 14 days come 18 days to read extensively in Yantai international the center is held ceremoniously. Exhibit meeting do one’s best this to presented to implement authority, scale most for harbor city consumer in September the biggest, content the grand meeting buying a car of privilege of rich, a huge sum. At the appointed time, area of the exhibition hall outside room ben will exceed 62 thousand to make the same score rice, brand of more than 100 cars appears exhibit meeting.

Brand of more than 100 cars appears on 2017 Yantai thirteenth international auto industry is exhibited

Low of benefit civilian sales promotion will raid

Exhibition of auto industry of current Yantai international gets each old car manufacturer and Yantai town of agency of each old car brand support energetically, sponsor advantage of area of square will sufficient play, rely on support of each square your kind effort, car of earth of tamp smoke a playscript with stage directions exhibits the brilliant foundation of internationalization, exhibit this second car make Shandong peninsula with all one’s strength card of item on display of the first car.

Enjoy the biggest privilege to let a citizen, this policy of Che Zhanju benefit is released centrally, car business relies on a car to exhibit only drive sales volume, ability was become in September ” gold 9 ” . Strong car exhibits have the aid of, car business people sell steam again fund through depreciating, ability is the sale ready-made of four quarters, be the optimal opportunity that the citizen copies a bottom to buy a car right now. And current car is exhibited support agency directly by manufacturer, strength of privilege of transfer to a lower level, favourable strength it may be said is all-time, so autumn car exhibits the gold node that becomes a citizen to buy a car, more than millions upon millions yuan favourable policy will pass on harbor city to love car gens. “The model that buy a car is exhibited in this second autumn car general privilege is in 5000 yuan of above, privilege 30 thousand, of 50 thousand not scarce also, partial model is rolled out buy a car to fall continuously activity of 10 thousand yuan of cash, together tribute, ten million yuan privilege hits out. ” the car postpones introduction of dawn of Liu of organizing committee staff member. Assemble in spot contrast with brand businessman, with brand model instantly rate of exchange, small Bai Ye can buy substantial car. Much model of different brand businessman is comparative, the car that be the same as class, with price car have everything that one expects to find, comparative and intuitionistic, convenient. Nearby awards division of new car, rate of exchange, than the model, than the service. Ramble the car is exhibited, goods comparing moves 3 times again, the car is exhibited on buying a car is to earn firmly lift substantially.

7 large dominant positions are enjoyed buy Che Jia time

This year, sponsor just will open up gigantic endowment hold this second brand-new autumn is exhibited, and will take this concept all the time, the enjoyment of the culture of car life car that makes subject Yantai grand ceremony and the orgiastic grand meeting of all citizen. This second autumn is exhibited buy a car to have 7 large dominant positions, let choose car gens to all enjoy Che Zhanjia time.

Ji Zhanqian of new car Chu Dengqiu breathes out 10 thousand call out only then come out. Come from domestic abroad the new department car of each old car manufacturer, will appear in Yantai autumn of Che Zhanyao eye exhibit a stage to go up. Eulogize, WEY, get many new car such as the gram to show up entirely, wanting to know new car news first most still is autumn car undoubtedly exhibit. Capacity of style of car of a person of extraordinary powers is dye-in-the-wood and exalted ablaze press full-court. Stride Bach, martha pulls the manufacturer such as the base of a fruit, Maikailun to will carry high-end model ginseng to exhibit, friend allowing a car the spot witnesses day price to exhibit the breathtaking setting of the area. Goods earns firmlier than 3 manufacturer price not compensate good deal.

Idle away in seeking pleasure should get together good place of neat recreational recreation, the car exhibits the spot to will hold many interactive link. Car of experting beauty of Che Moduan village exhibits beautiful description to decide but eat. The autumn car this year is exhibited from each brand formal recieve arrive again the window such as excellent model is quite much, more and wonderful waiting for you to go the spot disentombs. After save worry supervises carry out, be economical save labour has safeguard again, major evaluates two handcart one station service is more relaxed. The citizen that enlists current car to exhibit still can enjoy the spot freely two handcart are evaluated, evaluate division to will use a circumstance to have professional acknowledge to vehicle performance, configuration and car, file data is right related combinative car made price evaluates two handcart accord with relevant provision.

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