2017 China are versed in new material of meeting and aerospace equipment extends gain

Published on 2018-06-21

2014 is industry of Chinese civil aircraft a year when achieve major breakthrough. Win CCA model certificate of approval as ARJ21-700, and of test-fly course enlightened, indicating it is OK that our country had the first the jetliner that enters line operation, had jet-propelled civil the development capacity that carries kind of plane and comfortable boat are authorized ability.

2017 China are versed in new material of meeting and aerospace equipment extends gain

Meanwhile, air bus of C919 of Chinese merchant flying firm develops the job to be advanced in the round, achieved company level detailed design evaluation, engineering design, experiment, crucial technology tackles key problem, the many respects such as joint-stock collaboration acquire airborne system significant progress. During Zhuhai boat was exhibited 2014, c919 air bus increases order newly 30, accumulative total order achieves 430.

Below the trade demand that faces manufacturing industry of domestic civil aviaton to upgrade in the round, no matter from the revenue that projects the respect such as revenue of financing, finance or industrial development, loosening industry admittance in the round, encourage, in supporting all sorts of nation industries to devote into the historical trend that civil aviaton makes. ” civil aircraft industry grows byelaw ” , ” civil aviation product and established rule or practice of component qualification careful are decided ” wait for policy come on stage, will promote the development with manufacturing industry of 5 years of aircrafts is stabler and long-term future.

Enthusiasm of the media outside churchyard pays close attention to:

Chinese industry gain can get the wide attention of each media and professional domain media outside churchyard, xinhua News Agency, Reuter, CCTV, east is defended inspect, phoenix is defended inspect, the media outside the churchyard such as joint company of news agency of traffic of morning paper of broadcasting station of broadcast of finance and economics, Shanghai people, China Daily, combination, United States, Japan is versed in to China rich is met grand occasion gave seasonable, office of Shanghai government news held special subject press conference before exhibit, oriental net is in 5 days sessional can undertake to exhibiting all-around special subject report and video interview direct seeding, in addition, net of xinhua net, people, sina, Tecent, Netease, gave detailed report with the network such as dispatch, Peng Pai and new media. According to not complete count, share media of public of inside and outside of 180 much family circumstances, more than 160 professional media are present and intercurrent cloth exhibit meeting news.

Ginseng extend range

Plane operation business: Company of domestic and international civil aviation, aviation rents company, general aviation

Aircraft manufacturer: Trunk plane, branch line plane, helicopter

The airport: Facilities of the airport, airport and service

The system offers applied trade: Boat report and inside software of simulator of cabin system, plane, safeguard after service, spare parts and carry

Component supplier: Communication of airframe material, navigation, appearance shows, equipment of treatment of equipment of technology of electric machinery of cop of lighting equipment, cable, fluid drive, power source, care and maintenance, spray, mould, sealed firmware, fire control

Aviation technology applies: New material of equipment of the sources of energy, technology, application, aerospace

Forum of the corresponding period and seminar

Chinese aerospace industry grows height forum

Plane part makes technical seminar

Engine makes a seminar

Ginseng exhibit expense

Domestic ginseng exhibits VIP exclusive ginseng of the international that exhibit an area is exhibited

The standard exhibits a square metre of RMB 10000 / 9 13500 yuan / square metre of USD 2000 / 9 of 9 square metre

Square metre of smooth ground RMB 1000 / 1350 yuan / square metre of square metre USD 200 /

The standard exhibits exhibit include: (This option is offerred to postpone business most the way with efficient economy will reveal Wu of its product kimono. (This option is offerred to postpone business most the way with efficient economy will reveal Wu of its product kimono..

Reveal a wall

The lintel that quarter have company name board


3 shoot the light

Power source electrical outlet

1 piece recieves a stage

Desk of 1 piece of talks and 2 chairs

Proceedings of a conferences is typed

Solely: (This option allows to exhibit business to proper motion is designed and be built exhibit)

Provide corresponding area ground only, do not offer any establishment, smooth ground administration fee and electric box charge provide for oneself.

Hire since 36 square metre

Proceedings of a conferences is typed

November 2017, we arrive at what can exhibit a center to await you in Shanghai country as always!

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