Willow industry group attends machine of project of 2017 whole worlds on invitation industrial congress and 50 strong peaks are met

Published on 2019-05-11

On September 19, 2017, by Chinese project machinist Manufacturers Association of equipment of trade association, United States, Korea builds mechanical Manufacturers Association to be sponsorred jointly ” 2017Congress of industry of global project machinery and 50 strong peaks are met” hold in Beijing. Guangxi willow is versed in group limited company serves as delegate of 50 strong companies to attend plenary meeting. Ceng Guangan of president of willow industry group does a theme to make a speech on congress. Guangxi willow is versed in gentleman of wave of Yellow Sea of mechanical Inc. president attends fork-lift truck peak to meet, vice-president Mr Huang Min attends grab peak to meet.

Willow industry group attends machine of project of 2017 whole worlds on invitation industrial congress and 50 strong peaks are met

This year since first half of the year, main product grows project machine 70% above, the product grab of core grows 100% . Ceng Guangan president points out the reason of backside has a few: The first, after 935 plans are carried out, a large number of new projects, new investment at the same time start working. The 2nd, a large amount of raw material prices pick up, metal of the mine of countrywide each district, metal, nonferrous metal, black, coal included sanded stone market to promote substantially start working is led and produce can promote. This brought many demand to new machine. The 3rd, 2009, the product that 2011 fastigium produce has exited the market stage by stage. The market retains the quantity is in drop, the machine with new need comes fill. This one phenomenon can be opposite two years of future, 3 years, that is to say 2018, 2019, returned the news with meeting good profit 2020 even. The 4th, economic itself of China had achieved a new balance in was adjusted 45 years in the past, arose immanent new development power, this produced new requirement to our industry. The 5th, the city is changed, of labour force decrease and the promotion of service charge is the durable power that promotes development of project machinery industry. This pair did not come 10 years even for the development of project machinery industry of 20 years, it is a driving impetus. In addition, the Chinese government attention to environmental protection, to the investment promotion of agriculture, forestry, natural establishment, also promoted the development of project machine product.

Ceng Guangan president points out at the same time, the project machine market 2018, afore-mentioned partial drive elements may disappear. But the change of the client pursuit to efficiency and labor structure to the industry it is interest good factor. Be in in the near future, chinese economy can maintain a better growth. In the meantime, global economy also is anabiosising, include division of and other places of Europe, North America, especially the rising market such as Brazil, India, Russia, these elements are in 2018 still is benefit good. So we think, 2018, industry of Chinese project machinery will be in a moderate balance level, enjoying growth namely 10% .

Through long-term decline of 5 years, industry of Chinese project machinery had produced tremendous change; and the market this year welcomed unexpected growth again, what does the progress that this meeting gives us future bring to affect?

The first, of the client compositive spend promotion. Very much in the past client is workload not big individual, medicinal powder door. Mix 5 of in the past years future, client market of China is compositive spend farther promotion, namely the large chamber of commerce that rent is increasing; in addition, large client is more and more severe to the control of capital expenditure, more and more severe also to the control of the totle drilling cost inside product life cycle, the damage value of cost of the function of equipment of this pair of machines, quality, operation, two handcart had higher demand etc.

The 2nd, the change as a result of Chinese economy structure, change of population, and the variation that the client uses a convention, small-sized equipment, miniature equipment, namely the equipment of less horse power will be replaced artificial. Include machinery of grab, road surface inside these diminutive, advantage equipment, can have greater progress. Our Liu Gong rolled out this year round of 7 tons type fork-lift truck. In the past in 3 two months, we did comprehensive test, discover round of 7 tons type fork-lift truck, can compare two 5 tons fork-lift truck efficiency taller. To the client, this turned two drivers into, and can save the fuel of 70% , reduced cost significantly, helped them create greater value.

In addition, as the development of Chinese economy, urban development, we can have more and more new requirement. These demand may be the market demand that had matured in Euramerican and advanced country, , for instance headroom work platform is waited a moment. Of course, chinese market also needs his innovation sex product, need the exercise situation with special operating mode of the special demand according to Chinese client, China to wait, will undertake more innovation. Last year, what Liu Gong rolled out global initiate is perpendicular lift litre of fork-lift truck, the working principle of this fork-lift truck differs with traditional fork-lift truck, the efficiency that it produces replaces two with what I a moment ago spoke of 7 tons of fork-lift truck photographs of 5 tons of fork-lift truck are compared, made promotion further again.

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