The report after exhibiting | Water of 2017 China town exhibits honor to receive an official, innovation of industry of Wu of water of the China that help strength develops

Published on 2018-06-21

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Exhibit meeting dimensions to innovate again tall, all show new appearance of town water Wu!

Water of town of the 7th China is exhibited, achieve all previous new tall:

Reveal an area to achieve 11, 000 square metre, rise compared to the same period 13.6%;

Gather together more than 260 postpone business, grow 26.8%; compared to the same period

3 days of accumulative total exceed professional audience 15, 000 person-time, grow 23.2%; compared to the same period

Highlight specialization, innovation sex, become the platform that domestic water industry precedes business affairs communicates.

Water of town of the 7th 2017 China is exhibited at was in Shanghai on September 7, 2017 new international reads extensively the center rings down the curtain satisfactorily! Exhibit can confess his crime an open since, already held 7 successfully continuously now, reveal limits to enclothe town to offer Wu of water of city of catchment, sponge, wisdom, industry to give catchment, aquatic condition the many territories such as processing to catchment, building, progressively establish the significant position that its give catchment the territory in home, already developed to attend year grand meeting surely to give catchment domain professional public figure at present. Current exhibit meeting once more refresh audience, postpone business, reveal the multinomial data such as the area, maintain blowout type development continuously.

Industry bibcock assembles in, conspire development of water Wu collaboration

Exhibit can invite China to build metallic structure society Liu of branch of sewerage of water supply of association of structure of metal of building of association of industry of Mr Hua Mingjiu, China plastic treatment Mr Wang Zhanjie, China builds architecture of gentleman, China to be able to build water supply catchment, exceptionally grand occasion of it may be said!

The brand that exhibit a house is assembled in, attracted come from include Du Ke of Ge Lanfu, KSB, triumphant spring, Sino-South Korean, Korea to establish a source, always expensive stock, watt this, Haidelong, friendly hair, medium money group, ease is connected, burgeoning, on source, , spot major audience and buy the home and postpone business 0 distances butt joint, conspire development of business affairs collaboration.

Audience data innovates again tall, form a delegation the spot looks around

As the country of corresponding policy come on stage ceaselessly, give place of catchment domain general trends hasten, development is rapid. By a definite date 3 days exhibit the business that can attract 32 countries and area and exceed 15, 247 professional audiences are present look around, grew 12% last year compared to the same period. Shanghai city casts the water Wu group, city that face Fen to build reconnaissance designing institute, Shanghai medium dark limited company of adviser of building and engineering design, the Huaihe River brings tap water limited company, south city of the department that collect water, Nanjing is municipal building of design academy, Guizhou Province designs academy, Yang Gu county country water supply, discuss water Wu to develop new trend jointly with expert and enterprise. The global deepness that buy the home is communicated, commerce negotiates, have the sheet below the spot that buy the home more.

Wonderful confused shows meeting of the corresponding period, aid promote industrial development

Current water exhibits inheritance all the time the professional character since, exhibit meeting the corresponding period to hold professional technology forum successfully:

? Safety of water supply of the 5th 2017 town and technology of high quality drinking water develop forum, invite management of Shanghai water supply to punish deputy director general association of nickel of Jiang Wenyuan of senior engineer of class of professor of international of ground of Jiang Fuchun of chief engineer of limited company of tap water of town of Yan Rongjiang, Suzhou, all, international Dr. Song Quanming and Shanghai, ge Lanfu, on Er of source pump line of business, KSB, Sai Mofei world and Chongqing become warped cypress support energetically, 10 water industry experts around 9 big themes, deduce safety of prospective town water supply to develop greatly jointly.

? 2017 sponge city and water zoology build congress, invite secretary-general of website of technology of catchment of water supply of Hua Dong area total courtyard of research of design of municipal engineering of Li Chunguang, Shanghai (group) survey of assistant of limited company academy Dean Lv Yongpeng, Shanghai designs academy water zoology branch department Zhu Xue absurd pair, congress gets Shanghai Hong Cheng environment and lucky river group support energetically, around ” sponge city + aquatic condition is built ” share with real case, in all the theory of city of word construction sponge and practice experience.

? Construction of Wu of water of the 4th 2017 wisdom and moving seminar, the conference invites science of environment of the university that be the same as aid and project to learn Professor Yuan Taotao, Shanghai city to cast water Wu (group) chairman of committee of job of material of facilities of consortium of catchment of water supply of town of management center of limited company technology Mr Xian Feng, China / investment of Zhengzhou tap water controls a limited company, the conference gets software of collect, Guo Ruida, Bentley, a powerful person installs case, Dai Ao accumulating Cheng Hui watch plan and Long Jining are smooth support energetically, meeting site, 15 experts around 13 big themes, build for wisdom water Wu with move make suggestions.