Wuhan of AUTO TECH 2018 exhibits focusing technology science and technology to lead an industry

Published on 2019-05-11

Regard ministry of Chinese and Western as exhibition of the most important auto industry technology, AUTO TECH will on March 22, 2018 – read extensively 24 days in Wuhan international the center is held grandly. Wuhan of AUTO TECH 2018 is exhibitedAfterwards previous term or session moves in the round after Chongqing is held successfully division Wuhan, continue to build global car technology to communicate platform for broad car engineer.

Wuhan of AUTO TECH 2018 exhibits focusing technology science and technology to lead an industry

Holding ground Wuhan is 9 thoroughfare make the land that collect, be located in economy of the Yangtse River to take intermediate place, couplet grows trigonometry car to create base east, the division of southwest automobile industry such as Chongqing, Chengdu is received on the west, wuhan also is Chinese car production base at the same time, the assemble is numerous and own with company of joint-stock brand car and manufacturer of component of on 1000 cars, the ground that engineer of the solid car that it is steam gets together surely. AUTO TECH 2018 relatively the promotion that previous term or session has 30% on dimensions not only, more important in its professional go up to rise greatly. The article will do small before look up, take everybody to see AUTO TECH 2018 what distinguishing feature there is in Wuhan?

Car electron and car couplet net fly wing to wing to fly together

The innovation that occupies statistical car technology has 70% to come from about at domain of car electron technology. The car electron technology of flying development, make the car is mixed in dynamical sex, economy, security, comfortable sex reduce tail gas to discharge wait for a respect to gain revolutionary headway. And semiconductor is car intelligence is changed, car couplet net, electron and electronic-controlled the foundation that the technology realizes, previous term or session flexibly the enterprise of numerous and famous electron such as sunlighting semiconductor of in relief semiconductor of microelectronics, grand, luck reveals science and technology of law semiconductor, collect Mu semiconductor, An Sen beautiful semiconductor, small core, Suo Xike ability, Aigeluo this respect technology. The ginseng that AUTO TECH 2018 will increase business of strength half-and-half conductor is exhibited invite, at the same time car electron respect purchase an engineer to be mixed man-to-manly these ginseng exhibit business to undertake a butt joint, let them know the whole world technology of newest car electron. Current exhibit the car that the market can assemble before also will paying close attention to continuously to carry the territory such as system, ADAS, enlarge AUTO TECH to be in the consequence of car electron industry.

Car couplet net detonates big data times, technology of car couplet net is exhibited is technology of car of AUTO TECH 2018 exhibit core board piece one of. As the development of car couplet net, we also will be entered ” car ” network times. More and more cars receive Internet, company of manufacturer, agency, technology and other vendor need gather much user information, these ” data ” collect, arrange the job very complex. AUTO TECH 2018 reveals the new technology new breakthrough of this respect for each car engineer. For example, to develop market of net of mainland car couplet, hong Kong exhibits a group to appear on AUTO TECH 2017, product of rich technology of car couplet net is brought in Hong Kong house. 2018, wuhan continues.

Car test, car is small quantify technology and automobile data to hold the balance

Car test technology is exhibited will continue to perform, “The company of car test domain comes this year AUTO TECH has more than 50, the collaboration that is us more very square. Go visitting such major to exhibit previously get Shanghai, in the door the mouth can see now, saved time and cost, special still acknowledgment is sponsorred square, wish to do better more. ” engineer Mr Deng of Chang’an car sighs with emotion so. From show car kinetic the Chongqing put in order that with the Germany of technology of the strange Shi Le of wear, system testing triumphant plan and motivation check testing stand is versed in Qing Dynasty grinds Ling Chuang measures the SGS that accuses to detect to tripartite car, BV, IST, the car checks the enterprise a large number of heroes of each domains to gather, wuhan of AUTO TECH 2018 will invite the enterprise inside more industry to participate in come in.

Automobile data and car are small quantify a technology all the time since the grand opera that is AUTO TECH, item on display covers material of car metal stuff, car high polymer, car light quantify solder technology, car is small quantify a component to wait. Light quantifying is a catchword not just, it is the sumptuous dinner that AUTO TECH gives a when go up real data and technical side for the personage inside the industry.

Focusing technology science and technology leads an industry