Exposition of 2017 China sugar industry is at the beginning of November south Guangxi Ning Ju does

Published on 2019-05-11

A few days ago, press conference of exposition of 2017 China sugar industry is held in Beijing, gu Zhiren of director of association of sugar industry of vice-chairman of federation of Chinese light industry, China announces on the meeting, exposition of first China sugar industry will in November 2, hold 4 days in Guangxi Nanning international exhibition center. This exposition develops the office to be held jointly by association of Chinese sugar industry and sugar industry of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, in Inc. of group of sugar industry of Pu Nahua of Inc. of sugar industry of grain collect river, wide West undertakes. Development of Guangxi sugar industry is Li Wengang of office vice director, medium summer of president of Inc. of sugar industry of grain collect river and, Jiao Nianmin of standing vise general manager attends Inc. of group of sugar industry of wide West Pu Nahua the conference.

Exposition of 2017 China sugar industry is at the beginning of November south Guangxi Ning Ju does

Gu Zhiren points out when analysing current situation of our country sugar industry, sugar is the main strategy goods and materials of relation the national economy and the people’s livelihood, it is the main base raw material of food industry, also be the requisite that people lives daily. The great progress with old classics of all previous of our country sugar industry, success is brilliant, but also facing very big challenge. Do not fall high as a result of agriculture and house of industrial segment cost, and still be imported the severe impact of candy by smuggling candy, low, occurrence deficit of Ceng Liannian of refine sugar industry, enterprise, candy stuff buys valence in successive years to reduce, sugarcane grower loss is very big. The intense competition of traditional sugar industry and sugar substitute and the mutual competition between each countries, region sugar industry, showed Chinese sugar industry is carried further fall character the necessity that this synergism, transition upgrades.

Party and height of national all through the ages value sugar industry progress. A file makes clear a large amount of agriculture products with label candy coequal and as essential as grain, cotton, oil in the center of 2017, plan candy to expect sugar cane produces groove guard. On May 22, 2017, department of Commerce is released ” the announcement that ensures measure about be being adopted to importing sugar ” . Committee of tax regulations of custom duty of the State Council decides, from this ” announcement ” issuance day rises, ensure measure to importing sugar to carry out.

Below such big setting, emerge as the times require of exposition of Chinese sugar industry. Meet through candy rich this platform, from whole nation of commercial segment focusing even global sugar market, drive the unit such as company of sugar of branch of function of government of domestic and international main area yield sugar, experience and scientific research orgnaization, ongoing hair, cultivate, a lot of link such as Wu of kimono of refine sugar, current, consumption begins development communication, communicate and speak, look for difference thereby, learn advanced, development train of thought, drive industry progress, raise sugar industry to support ability of deficient assault fortified positions and international competition ability, stimulative sugar industry can develop continuously. Candy rich is met will with reframing zoology of Chinese sugar industry is encircled, build China sugar industry communication, trade platform is oneself, brand of industry of base oneself upon is made, arouse sugar industry to develop enterprising spirit and power of innovation thinking core, enhance Chinese sugar industry to do the self-confident heart of the important matter jointly, promote soft actual strength, aid push Chinese sugar industry to fall this synergism, carry qualitative transition to upgrade.

Exposition of 2017 China sugar industry heads rich meets a candy, the plan holds every year. Meeting general takes first candy gain ” give priority to in order to meet, exhibit with meeting belt ” mode, main content includes with ” hold a situation, seize opportunity, stimulative sugar industry can develop continuously ” be a theme advocate progress of forum of service of sugar industry of forum and round table of G30 of Chinese sugar industry, Guangxi, science and technology is aided turn sugar industry ” do poineering work 2 times ” the much field such as the seminar divides forum; Guangxi to float formal operation ceremony reachs center of candy product over-the-counter trading over-the-counter trading demonstrates.

Summer and express, hold the point of view that this candy rich can aim to develop from stimulative industry, promote reform of sex of structure of side of sugar industry supply actively, carry qualitative synergism, healthy progress to make contribution for the industry, to reframe group of ecology of good China sugar industry makes contribution, add for the farmer close make contribution. Main goal has show trade scene, share communication butt joint of trade news, stimulative supply and demand, strengthen resource of brand sale, integrated industry, promotion level of business management of promotion of culture of sugar industry of new and high technology, transmission, help, had shown namely, communication good, good to receiving, promotion promotion is good, good.