2018 eleventh Chengdu illume and LED are exhibited

Published on 2019-05-11

2018 eleventhChengdu illume and LED are exhibitedAlways exhibit an area to exceed 35 thousand to make the same score rice, the audience of 50 thousand more than major that comes from more than 10 country such as the United States, Germany, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and area looks around purchase. Include: Puissant gigantic colour, art light, Hai Jiacai shines, add up to benefit to come, the day adds up to glorious of photoelectricity, an ancient name for China, Huajieguang photoelectricity of colour of report, brilliant, Gaokeguang is report, bright colour photoelectricity, Ou Silang.

2018 eleventh Chengdu illume and LED are exhibited

The corresponding period holds: Forum of height of manufacturer of illume of LED of dialog of stylist of Chengdu of the 5th 2017 China, 2017 benefit marks on the west Gu Deng high-quality goods exhibits lecture of special subject of academy high end, 2017 China and foreign countries, 2017 ” the light of roc ” design of news briefing of contest of design of originality of application of Sichuan LED illume and indoor lamplight is shared meeting, a yuan, exhibit can clinch a deal quantity breakthrough ten million closes greatly, exhibit the linear promotion of meeting dimensions and character, got the accord of business and professional audience praises exhibiting, the 2nd big LED of Chinese of be worthy of the name and distinguished gathering of LED illume industry, dimensions of ministry of Chinese and Western is the biggest, professional the strongest surveyor’s pole is exhibited meeting.

2018, the world is going, ASE also is changing!

Break fetters and handcuffs, on the link in downstream, upgrade in the round, invite your copolymerization!

Current general situation:

Predict to always exhibit digit to exceed 4000

Showpiece gross area 90000 square metre

Illume / LED theme is exhibited exhibit an area to exceed 40000 square metre

Strong strong together? Upgrade in the round

Illume reachs grand meeting of LED industry major western

? Chengdu, successful

Chengdu is western the center of science and technology of the area, trade center, banking center and traffic signal center, be western economic main artery. The confused sift of numerous and famous congress door, revealed its tremendous aggregate energy adequately, comprehensive strength got tremendous growth, the integrated benefit of the advantage and advantageous situation become illume and LED to exhibit run main driving force.

? Thing linkage, achieve summit summit again

Group of heart accept exhibition and whole world are the greatest wide imprint reach illume to exhibit sponsor square Shanghai contemporary international to exhibit limited company to come hand in hand battle, resource of linkage thing ministry, integrated domestic and international advantage, integrated western illume is exhibited meeting, casting western exclusive, dimensions industry of highest LED illume, label exhibits the biggest, class greatly!

Predict current exhibit can exhibit trade measure to will achieve 700, exhibit an area to achieve 40, 000 square metre!

Propagandist promotion, comprehensive and meticulous

? Propagandist means

In website of domestic and international media of news of main trend of industry of more than 150 home, professional magazine, B2B aspirant travel exhibits meeting scroll to publicize!

Apply professional media, public media, professional market, industry to center area, Internet to wait to be opposite to transmit spigot surface agency, agent and purchase business, the audience that joins the professional audience database with giant organizing committee and actual effect is organized, much angle, all-around make the trade grand meeting that has force most for broad trade public figure.

? Buy the home to form

1, the enterprise inside course of study: Terminal manufacturer is reached downstream in going up / manufacturer of finished product semi-manufactured goods / purchase business / chief inspector of the president that uses a product to develop business, general manager, CTO, market, sale chief inspector, purchase manager;

3, access business: Illume product importer / exporter / agent / jobber / agency / chief inspector of president of city of lamp act the role ofing, general manager, market, sale chief inspector, lamps and lanterns purchases manager;

4, designing institute school, unit: Illume is designed / project / building / adornment / electric power is electric; of division of the general manager of the company, chief engineer, architect, stylist, program, engineer

5, project owner: Each visit municipal government office western / the school / office building / hospital / stadium house / hotel / estate large and medium-sized; of controller of gaffer Cheng project

6, government sector: The leader of place of various places street lamp is mixed western expert;

7, scientific research orgnaization: College / ; of the professor of academy place, researcher

8, ad firm: Design personnel and purchase department controller

9, bazaar (purchase a ministry) , property company (purchase a ministry) , hospital (logistics) , the school (logistics) ; of shadow city, stadium, mobile, telegraphic, UniCom, bank

10, relevant assist (learn) meeting and alliance.

Activity of wonderful form a complete set, synchronous experience