International exhibition center of Xian silk road predicts to built 2020

Published on 2019-05-11

In the 2017 Ou Ya economy that ran recently forum international can exhibit innovation poineering forum to go up, sponsor just be oppositeInternational exhibition center of Xi’an silk roadThe project undertook emphasizing introductory.

International exhibition center of Xi’an silk road predicts to built 2020

Project of international exhibition center of Xi’an silk road regards Xi’an as city this year the 3rd batch of major projects at the beginning of this month formal start, predict to built 2020. Those who be located in river of Ba of area of zoology of Xi’an Ba bank, garden of 2011 Xi’an world meets near neighbour garden of rich of world of Xi’an of the site of an association, proximate east 3 annulus, 3 lines arrive directly at the subway, communication is easy.

The project covers an area of about 1300 mus, total floor area 600 thousand square metre, exhibit a center among them center of 400 thousand square metre, conference and hotel of form a complete set 200 thousand square metre.

The project is with forum of Ou Ya economy rely on, around the country ” one belt all the way ” the strategy, according to ” national level, internationalization ” level, make ” northwest can exhibit a property extremely new nucleus, xi’an can exhibit economic new engine ” , drive Ba to become assembly to exhibit, the conference, hotel group, a variety of industries such as travel of small town of the financial commerce, center that achieve an objective, characteristic, zoology are the contemporary conference that support to exhibit a city, make the open window of road of Chinese new silk, conference of international of large high end holds the ground and external affairs activity to undertake the ground. Area of along the line of the Silk Road, city, country will is after building offer to hold those who trade is exhibition, conference, communication, large omnibus meeting exhibits platform.

Can postpone the development of course of study, can improve industrial structure of the city, promote urban image, it is the main component that makes urban competition ability. According to the program, area of Ba zoology still will establish an internationalization to be able to postpone bibcock business, construction can exhibit education, groom hatch base, establish a meeting to exhibit industrial fund, make a batch can exhibit a project internationally.

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