Brief analysis of the problem in the Chinese machinery industry valve

Published on 2018-06-21
Brief analysis of the problem in the Chinese machinery industry valve
   Due to the important position of machine parts in the machinery industry in the familiar late, lack of long-term investment, so that the entire industry infrastructure is poor, weak economic foundation and strength of the weak. As China is an extraordinary level of the host, machine parts bottleneck behind the hosts increasingly apparent. In recent years, although the introduction of technology, technological innovation, scientific research and development, our country has given some support, but compared with the current market demand and foreign level, there is still not a small gap, in particular in: less product variety, low level, quality instability, early failure rate, poor reliability.  
  China Machine Components product variety, size small, a large high-end products is extraordinary gap, can not meet the growing needs of the host. At present, the performance of various types of host base member is substantially equivalent to the 20th century, the level of foreign 80s. Quality of instability, early failure rate, poor reliability, is the Achilles heel of the foundation member. Therefore, many OEMs to improve the market competitiveness of its host, often choose to import the basis of supporting, resulting in domestic basic parts, the extraordinary low-tech products, the domestic market share declined. Although China's exports of basic items have obvious advantages, but mainly labor-intensive products, a large number of low-value, technology added value.  
  Currently, the presence of China Machine Components Industry following main issues:  
  serious overlapping, low degree of specialization, not form scale, economic efficiency  
  mechanical basis compared with the hosting, the establishment of the initial financial and technical inputs required relatively small, Therefore, in a period of several countries, economic development, have increased the number of basic parts manufacturer, also appeared a large number of low-level redundant construction, and more, in small quantities, not form economies of scale. Although the basic parts enterprises gradually independent of OEMs, but most of the enterprise itself is large and small and complete, low degree of specialization, the equipment level is not high, the quality of instability, low economic efficiency. In recent years, along with a variety of common ownership of development policies, basic components industry is undergoing intensive development process from scattered to gradually set. 
  And related raw materials, backward technology, low level of technology and technological equipment, which restricts the development of the basic parts of the  
  poor quality of steel fasteners, chains, springs, bearings, dies and other products use different specifications less direct impact of basic items quality, hydraulic parts and hydraulic parts and castings product quality-related electronic control technology backward, but also directly affect the quality and reliability of hydraulic parts. Mechanical parts are generally based batch, mass production, but also more variety, high precision machining products, so the production technology and equipment requirements, big investments. Foreign use of high efficiency and precision of the plane, line or soft line for efficient automated production.   
  Research and development is weak, insufficient capital investment, technological progress is slow  
  basic parts industry earlier introduced a number of foreign advanced technology, but the lack of adequate absorption of hardware and software investment. According to foreign experience, the introduction of technology digestion and absorption ratio of funds required is about 1: 7, but China later this familiar, slow pace of digestion and absorption. Market competition actually is the technical strength of the contest. Foreign attached great importance, we have increased investment, occupy high ground. Major funding for scientific research and development company known for its sales account for 4 to 5, up to 10 focus areas. At present, China Although many colleges and universities engaged in research work, a lot of theoretical research, scientific research, patents, papers have a very high level, but with the combination of the actual production is not tight, the extraordinary is transformed into commodities slow.  
  However, some basic pieces of business by financial constraints, small investment, enterprises transform themselves poor, less advanced equipment not matching, affecting the quality of products and quality.    Comprehensive analysis, the main cause of these problems lies in:    1. The business base is weak    due to the poor foundation of China Machine Components Industry, weak economic foundation, less investment in science and technology, development is weak, can not adapt to the host introduce the industry requires joint ventures, cooperation, rapid development resulting in mechanical foundation of the domestic market share declined.    Lack of strong policy support for the National Machine Components Industry 2.    Although the national industrial policy, a clear focus to support important basic pieces of machinery, but the lack of appropriate supporting policies, such as mold industry, the heavy tax burden and enjoy the value-added tax refund of part of the business, there are only less than a hundred, too narrow, limited role, but also need to continue to support the policy.    Therefore, in order to improve the market competitiveness of China Machine Components products to better meet China's machinery industry on the basis of pieces of supporting domestic demand, China's basic parts industry is expected to face further adjustments to integrate the advantages of resources, eliminate backward enterprises. In the next five to 10 years, the industry will be in the development of brand-name products and brand-name enterprises, technical innovation, improve the competitiveness of domestic and foreign markets and the strengthening of intensive management and strive to attain greater progress and breakthroughs.