The trend analysis of mechanical fasteners industry development in our country

Published on 2019-05-11

Machinery industry is a major one of the users of fasteners.Our country is mechanical fasteners production country, the existing mechanical fasteners domestic enterprises more than 7000.Mechanical fasteners production in our country has for many years the world’s first, but for the most part the current domestic production of mechanical fasteners products for low intensity, low class.International mold and metal plastic industry suppliers association secretary general luo hui pointed out, the high-profile mechanical fastener industry development in our country, under the excellent situation of global economic integration, have the opportunity to seize the market adjustment, to promote the domestic mechanical fasteners, the grade of the product, enhance the development of products.Due to China for a mechanical components in the important position in the mechanical industry know late, lack of long-term investment, and the poor, poor foundation, weak industry foundation.Especially as China to raise the level of the host machine foundation behind the host becomes increasingly bottlenecks.In recent years, although the technology transfer, technical innovation, scientific research and development, etc., countries give some support, but compared with the current market demand and foreign level, there is still a big gap, specific displays in: product variety, low level of less, the quality is not stable, early high failure rate, poor reliability.Fasteners as a foundation for machinery industry main product, the development of mechanical industry, also put forward higher request of fastener products.The current domestic standard fastener has been oversupplied and high-grade titanium fasteners, high temperature, special shape, plastic composite, special performance, such as fasteners in short supply, more dependent on imports.The national okmo & quot;Standard fasteners & quot;As a restricted development product, & quot;High strength fasteners & quot; alienAs the current encourages the development of products.High strength fasteners, with the improvement of national industrialization level and technological progress, gradually increase usage.Use mechanical fasteners procurement requirements analysis, product demand scale 1 mechanical industry is China’s largest industrial sector.The international mold and metal plastic industry suppliers association secretary general luo hui said, at present, our country engineering machinery sales and sales have both surpass the United States, Japan, Germany, the world’s first;From its self-sufficiency rate of China construction machinery & quot;15 & quot;During the period of 70%, up to more than 80% of the current, gradually achieve across from manufacturing to create.Including loaders, excavators, cranes, roller, forklift truck, bulldozer, a large number of concrete mechanical engineering mechanical products production leaps to the world, our country has become a real world engineering machinery manufacturer.Mechanical industry’s rapid development and huge market scale, for the fastener industry has provided a broad space for development.2, the main procurement enterprises machinery fasteners are mainly in the service of engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, general machinery, special machinery industry manufacturers, as well as the mechanical parts manufacturers, manufacturers more downstream demand, the main procurement enterprises have: sany heavy industry, xugong, dalian machine tool, China machinery industry group co., LTD., Shanghai electric, pan, etc.3, the latest purchasing trend as domestic fastener product performance has increased, more and more import substitution products, as a result of domestic fastener products have the advantage of the price is relatively cheap, more and more machinery manufacturers choose in the domestic procurement fastener parts.At present, in the home also has formed some scale mechanical fasteners, exhibition, oct 2123, in 2011, for example, on the 17th righteousness expo machinery exhibition held with fasteners, springs and special equipment exhibition, there are a large number of fastener manufacturing enterprises exhibition, attracted to attend part of the mechanical equipment manufacturers, a large number of purchase intention.