Domestic industrialization drive fasteners demand

Published on 2019-05-11

The development of fasteners in China face more and more resources and the environment pressure, alleviate the important way of resource constraint is the development of green manufacturing.The development of the fasteners, a period in the future will continue to actively push forward in the direction of the brand management, promote the all-round development of the fastener items.On products, high-end product quality will accelerate the development of the localization, from the design, manufacture, packaging, transportation and use to the whole process of scrap processing, consider waste at least highest, lowest emissions, resource utilization and minimum environmental impact, so as to make the enterprise benefit and social benefit coordination optimization;In terms of circulation, explore various modes of value-added services, to bring value for customers and interests.From providing a single set of fasteners to provide mechanical fastening solutions, custom service, remote monitoring, service in the fastener manufacturing enterprises will gradually increase the proportion of sales revenue.Accompanied by comprehensively deepen of the reform and opening up, China’s fastener of the fierce competition on the market, many foreign companies constantly come into our market, and ground the in our country, using China’s cheap labor, its brand products to obtain higher profits.Under this pressure, how can let their products not be suppressed, and the development of more and more good became a big problem for many enterprises think.Chinese brands lack is also need to deal with the enterprise, so many enterprises from foreign into the Chinese market, this means more fastener enterprises need to constantly to break through oneself, let oneself development gradually become a community of enterprises in the international market.The reversed transmission pressure, for we have very big help to the development of the fasteners.Can see a lot of fasteners in China compared with the foreign capital enterprise, the main is lack of big brand, this let us in the fastener market competition is more bad, therefore our country has adopted the familiar price war, but because it is in the Chinese fasteners market.Price war, therefore, for our country now also does not have much advantage of enterprise, so the best way is a high strength screw big brands, have their own ideas, to the international fastener, such competition in the market will appear more powerful.Intensive or fine growth is an increase of the technological progress and the efficiency of management play a leading role in the growth, in the result of performance is the increase in value and profit increase.Because, if it is to rely on investment, output was increased, but also follow to increase cost, it is not sustainable.The question now is business environment and the government management of the education of science and technology has considerable flaw.As long as we can by reforming the system of is conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship and policy environment building, fully capable of in the not too long period of time to make China fasteners, the technical level and added value of level has an obvious improvement.The world’s advanced level of fasteners are faced with a breakthrough of the big or small, China fasteners, if you can take this good chance and play their own advantages, to develop some fist products with international competitiveness, is entirely possible.