Machine substitution, Internet + into fasteners enterprise transformation in the new model

Published on 2019-05-11

19, the mechanical and electrical products import and export chamber of commerce of China, jiaxing city people’s government hosted, business bureau of jiaxing city, zhejiang province, jiaxing fastener fastener industry association to undertake import and export enterprises association of China (jiaxing) fastener industry expo 2015 (hereinafter referred to as tight expo) held in jiaxing international conference and exhibition center.It is understood that China (jiaxing) fastener industry expo is power fastener industry economic structure adjustment, the important measures to guide the industrial transformation and upgrading, emphasis is building China’s fastener industry base, realize and online combined with concrete practice, promote business exchanges and cooperation, both at home and abroad to promote professional and technical personnel to introduce and agglomeration.The reporter understands, this expo exhibition area of more than 13000 square meters, the collection of enterprises production at home and abroad more than 300 exhibitors, 460 booths, including overseas exhibitors 13, anticipating purchaser of 5000 people, including 200 overseas buyers.From traditional marketing to electric business model in recent years the rapid development of electronic commerce, promotes our country industry in the rapid rise of the new field, brought by e-commerce & other;Sweet & throughout;Also let more individuals and businesses to continue to engage in.With the improving of the influence of e-commerce, fastener industry also begin to pay close attention to and attach importance to the effect of the new sales model for itself, the industry has been widely realized that e-commerce is an important and ignore the sales model.& other;In 2013, we opened the inspection system to the customer, to know as an enterprise inventory sales model, the real-time update inventory and master information is very important.Throughout the &;Zhejiang east stainless steel products co., LTD., domestic sales department supervisor generation marketing course PuSong so introduce electric business model to explore in their company.After the query stock last year & other;Throughout east &;Try online trading system in the east China area, and this year to expand the pilot, the introduction of WMS warehousing logistics management system match point, greatly improve the efficiency of tally.At present, they have already established the regional warehouse in east China, south China and other regions, and has an own logistics team, the agent after the choose and buy on the net, goods can be sent immediately.The characteristics of each product, inventory number, etc., be clear at a glance on the trading platform.Compared with other enterprise widespread adoption of B2B, B2C model, generation of PuSong think & other;Throughout east &;Take more like O2O mode, now rely on their own system and the original customer group established from offline to online transactions.As a result the biggest change is spread faster and effect of ascension, and greatly reduce the manpower and communication cost.In fact, with the improving of the influence of e-commerce, many fasteners business into the field of electronic commerce.It is reported, this expo has many home appliance business enterprises exhibitors, including zhejiang, zhejiang new Oriental, suzhou no.1 dongming, haiyan lian feng fasteners, etc.Exhibition organizers invited fastener industry third-party platform trading online demo, site operation and make the enterprises involved.Online exhibition at the same time, the purchaser through WeChat sweep qr code can be directly into the three-dimensional gallery on the net, browsing the enterprise, and through the link to the exhibitors page order trading company.