The procurement of domestic Chinese screw fasteners demand in the United States

Published on 2019-05-11

According to the huffington post message on April 20, the businessweek’s chief economist Michael & middot;Mandel, a recent survey found that Mr Coulson air force base in Alaska on March 21, encountered a difficult problem in promoting the construction of a project, because the manufacturer is unable to produce the required of all kinds of household fasteners, shower rod, towel rack, ceiling fans, such as hardware products, had to give up American & perform otherOnly buy American & throughout;The provisions of the clause, use the above items from made in China.Reported that the United States after extensive market research and research, found that U.S. manufacturers produced the item number and variety is not enough, quality can not satisfactory, a final decision from foreign purchases.Michael & middot;Mandel’s investigation confirmed that the above items are almost all made by China.The American association of industrial fasteners (IFI) officials baker & middot;Reed said the screw & other;If not all, is also the most & throughout;Imports from China.The American association of industrial fasteners also accused the United States environmental protection agency updates the sewage treatment system, to give up & other;Buy American & throughout;Fasteners terms approved the use of other countries.Baker & middot;Reed is the case, according to the American association of industrial fasteners, there are at least two U.S. manufacturers to produce environmental protection bureau need fasteners, the United States environmental protection agency without investigation & other;Waiver & throughout;A & other;Angry & throughout;.While in el’s air force base project, the U.S. air force through market research still haven’t found has the ability to the supplier for the above mentioned items, had to be turned to Chinese manufacturers.& other;Throughout the manufacturing alliance &;The executive director of Scott & middot;Paul is said: & other;Unlike China, American manufacturers have no competitive advantage in the screw manufacturing market.Throughout the &;He also said: & other;If we can’t manufacture (screws), it’s shame.Throughout the &;It was the American media interpretation for & other;American manufacturing is still weak & throughout;Case in point.But the United States is the world’s first industrial power, of course not may not be able to produce small screws.But China fasteners in the United States has formed a product & other;Differentiation & throughout;Market, that is, relying on very low prices, forcing the United States fastener enterprises give up the production of similar products, which the United States and mid-range household fasteners imported almost totally dependent on China, which led to the U.S. cannot purchase to the local production of fasteners products.The American market has always been one of the main export market of fasteners, 08, but affected by the financial crisis, the fastener market demand in the United States fell, led to many domestic fastener enterprises gave up the U.S. market, turning to export or other regions to domestic market.But the U.S. military to purchase Chinese fasteners events, after the financial crisis, the United States fasteners market still has great demand for space, and this & other;Differentiation & throughout;Market has not been fill other enterprises, for China fastener enterprises, exports of the United States market is still one of the best choice for them.At present, China fastener enterprises are eager to & other;Found throughout the &;Himself before the financial crisis in Europe and the United States market, a large number of channels and old customers to fully restore the export business of European and American markets, with the strong demand, many enterprises think of type in foreign trade exhibition to open up channels, looking for customers.China international hardware show (CIHS) as the world’s second DaWuJin exhibition, was a hardware fastener industry and the export of China & other;Main channel & throughout;, especially in Europe, America, Middle East, India, South Korea and the asean regional markets, channels has irreplaceable advantages.It is understood that the China international hardware show is the world’s second DaWuJin exhibition, has conducted more than ten sessions.Exhibition by China hardware products association, cologne, Germany international exhibition co., LTD., the national federation of industry and commerce hardware mechanical and electronic chamber of commerce, jointly organized by light industries branch of ccpit, Beijing exhibition co., LTD, Shanghai mainland tool development co., LTD., has been committed to for our hardware enterprises expand and stable export channels, boost the development of China’s hardware industry.Throughout the &;In the first two years of financial crisis, China international hardware show in keeping the number of European and American buyers advantage at the same time, focus on inviting central and South America, South Asia, eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Africa in emerging markets such as professional buyers to purchase, for the Chinese hardware and fastener company pioneered many emerging market channels, boost export enterprises in our country to weather the financial crisis.Today, in the face of Europe and the United States market demand a strong recovery, China international hardware show will further expand their European and American market channel advantages, at the same time maintain good has development of emerging market channels, implement export channels & otherFull recovery & throughout;.Is expected in 2011 China international hardware show professional audience will amount to 45000 people, including overseas audience will amount to 3200 people, from more than 80 countries and regions.European and American buyers will account for nearly forty percent, and the rest from the Middle East, Africa, southeast Asia and other places.At present, the world’s leading retailers, including wal-mart, home depot, kingfisher, LGSourcing, leroy merlin, saint-gobain, metro has confirmed the purchase.It is understood that & rsquo;11 China international hardware show will be on September 21 to 23, 2011 in Shanghai new international expo center, the scale will be expanded to 115000 ㎡.The booth reservation work since last September, at present the booth reservation rate of nearly 90%.