Increased costs fastener procurement prices will continue to go up

Published on 2019-05-11

Integrated media reported that the United States PorteousFastener BruceDarling company supplies management vice President in its submission to the western Pacific fastener association recently pointed out in the report about the 2011 Asian fastener market: Taiwan market, steel prices continue to rise, the dollar continues to weaken, in a civil war in north Africa, the European buyers face hard choices;The Chinese market, steel and labor costs rise, plant expansion, few power brownouts and pollution become the number one problem.China Taiwan China steel at the end of may just lowered the price of 7, 8.Maintain flat plate and rod wire, the rest of the cut, the hot roll cut to nt $1754 yuan\/ton, cold roll down 1419 yuan\/ton, electric galvanized sheet cut 1500 yuan\/ton, electrical steel by 2600 yuan\/ton, hot galvanized sheet cut 1613 yuan\/ton.& other;In China, all signs suggest that fastener procurement prices will continue to go up.Throughout the &;Australian and Brazilian floods rise in the price of iron ore, & other;Some people in the industry also once threatened, steel prices will be 66% in 2011.Throughout the &;Darling says, & other;To this, we expect the next steel prices will remain at 10% ~ 15% increase, and then again in late 2011 or increased by 5% ~ 8%.Throughout the &;Darling, said & other;Development of Taiwan in 2010 than in 2009, a significant improvement, but still did not meet expectations.Throughout the &;& other;The recent round of steel price appeared a significant growth, increased by 9.3%, the industry is expected in the future there will be a larger increase.Throughout the &;Darling said.The dollar is relatively stable, but during its weakness, many problems have been followed.Darling, also pointed out that the Taiwan manufacturers purchase machine boom, but for the most part is used to replace old machines, while some parts molding machine make Taiwan to develop in the direction of non-standard parts.North America remains Taiwan’s biggest fasteners market.The development trend of the future is unpredictable, Europe & other;China and the eu anti-dumping cases has led to the part of the purchaser to Taiwan, in the WTO ruling, think the eu this violates the WTO rules.If China eventually succeed in the anti-dumping cases, this part of the purchaser will be purchasing again from mainland China.Throughout the &;Darling predicted, Taiwan fasteners in the second quarter of the next procurement prices will likely continue to rise, and then in the third quarter, Taiwan fastener price will depends on the adjustment of steel prices in the second quarter of the situation.& other;Most all of the personage inside course of study thinks, price of steel prices will eventually fall.Throughout the &;However, due to the rapid development of high-speed rail, wind power and other industries, China domestic market demand for fasteners will continuously increase.To this, Darling, also said & other;100% export fasteners factory in China, maybe in the future will face a difficult time.Throughout the &;In addition, China is also facing serious electricity problems.Mainland China has been affected by the electricity steel as well as the production of fasteners.& other;Pollution is also mainland China iron and steel, and fasteners, another important issue facing the enterprises.The pollution problem will likely lead to mainland China many steel factory stop production, leading to shortage of raw materials, steel prices rise.Throughout the &;Recently, only a handful of factories in mainland China in the expansion.