Fastener industry grim market slowing orders fell

Published on 2019-05-11

For fastener industry, in the first half of the good situation has ended.Since the beginning of this September, new orders of related companies, especially export orders start falling, some even dropped by two-thirds.Winter has to the fastener industry?Can achieve steady development this year?In the 24th national fastener during the period of economic and trade fair, China general parts industry association fasteners branch of Feng Jinyao accepted the reporter’s interview with China.& other;Compared to the first half of a thriving situation, the second half of the industry will face a very serious test and challenge.Throughout the &;He cautioned that the enterprise must be prepared.In the first half of the steady development of value added to improve since this year, employment difficult, high labor costs, energy, raw material price fluctuations, inflation and other mountain, along with all the pressure on the head of the fastener industry.But in the first half of the industry is still maintained a relatively stable development.& other;Although fasteners is a small, but its application range is wide, the market demand is big.Throughout the &;Feng Jinyao explains.But overall, the central government adopted a proactive fiscal policy, still 1 ~ 6 month GPT still keeps 9.5% of the high speed development, and the world economy is not stable, but there is still a certain recovery.& other;It’s fasteners for us to sell the market provides a certain development opportunities.In the first half of the industry situation is thriving.Throughout the &;He lists several data for journalists.In the first half of 2011, China’s fastener production rose by 6.9%, sales increased by 7.02% compared to the same;Export fasteners rose 21.57% year-on-year, the export amount of rose 42.6% year-on-year, export average unit price to us $1721 \/ ton, up 16.52% from a year earlier.& other;This is a good one million, means that we are now the added value of export products is increasing.Throughout the &;At the same time, import fasteners year-on-year growth of 4.62% in the first half of our country, the import amount year-on-year growth of 11.12%, import the average unit price $10618 \/ ton.& other;Import growth fell slightly, mainly because we since last year, up to 26% on imports from the eu fasteners tariffs, contain a lot of imports to the European Union’s high strength fasteners.Throughout the &;Feng Jinyao explains.In the second half of the challenges a lot of pressure & other;But, in the second half we face a lot of pressure.Throughout the &;Feng Jinyao cautions.First, further intensify the pressure on inflation, GPT growth is slowing, this to the real economy have a negative impact.& other;As far as I know, a lot of fastener enterprises have some panic, because the orders are in decline, especially exports more difficult.Throughout the &;Feng Jinyao told reporters that several represents a significant proportion of the export business enterprise, the orders are doing a lot of fall, a lot of pressure.In the second place, cars, advanced manufacturing, high iron, electronic appliances and other key industries has fallen dramatically increase from a year earlier, the make the form a complete set of fastener industry has been quite a shock.A provide fasteners manufacturing tooling equipment Shanghai corporate insiders told reporters that the main customers for high-speed rail, nuclear power, wind power and other fields, because of the influence of the downstream market downturn, enter since the third quarter, the company orders fell by nearly two-thirds.Third, monetary policy tightening, small and medium-sized enterprise loans difficult, shortage of funds, make the enterprise production and business operation was in trouble.Especially some fastener enterprises because of capital chain rupture, the loan is not tucked in time, or part of investment is not clear, which stretched too long and was in trouble.Fourth, Europe and the United States economy, lead to trade friction, coupled with exchange rate changes and the export policy brings new pressure to the enterprise, industry export growth fell from month to month, to the end of September, only increased 19% year-on-year.& other;I estimate the exchange rate will have change, enterprises have to prepare early, early planning.Throughout the &;Feng Jinyao cautions.Fifth, according to the international organization for economic cooperation and development in the near future, according to the comprehensive index of leading economic report published in September this year the world’s major economies in many indicators, the oecd area on September first index to 100.4 points, fell 0.4 points, has six consecutive month-on-month decline, suggesting that economic growth continues to slow.Indicates growth in these economies will continue to slow, and drop significantly increased.& other;This situation was very different from 2008, 2008 foreign difficulties, and China because the government has adopted a series of measures, enterprise’s pressure is not big, is now, including China, the global economic slowdown, strife-torn enterprises.Throughout the &;Feng Jinyao stressed that the second half of this year the industry faced with a very severe tests and challenges, the enterprise must have enough knowledge and mental preparation.