Guangdong saves superintend and director of the most extensiv

Published on 2019-05-11

 The Guangdong June, as fervent like high temperature and rainstorm with rapid, the air with the complete the most large-scale province that is dynamic and water pollution prophylaxis and treatment are special superintend and director is checked. Rose on June 1, 54 environments that transfer from each district execute the law personnel, use the means that across executes the law, garrison door of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Fosan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, river, Zhao Qing, clear the 9 city such as far, Yun Fu, begin first first-run by a definite date two weeks special superintend and director is checked. It is reported, arrive 5 days from June 1 short between 4 climate, 54 environments execute the law personnel had checked 187 companies in 9 city, discovered many 140 problem that the environment breaks the law among them, occupy than achieving 75% the left and right sides.

   Guangzhou group: Reachcapture eventually ” of big fish of a “

Check to the superintend and director of Guangzhou execute the law by Shenzhen environmental protection personnel is responsible. Up to on June 4, execute the law personnel discovers an environment to violate a problem only in Guangzhou.

We basically are with city, area environmental protection bureau communicates before “ , understand a situation, so that execute the law better. ” Guangzhou superintend and director checks environment of city of group group leader, Shenzhen Xie Hongwei of censorial detachment section chief says. Grind a knife not to chop Chai Gong by accident. The superintend and director after mastering a circumstance is checked group be in in the morning in 5 days eventually add area of urban new pool to reachcapture ”—— of big fish of a “ adds a city to always boast paper tastes limited company. Sorting of this company scrap rubber produces an area to exist to did not approve what build first to violate a condition, and liquid waste discharges; of white Jiang Chong continuously in addition, treat corrupt establishment is online supervisory equipment data nots agree with apparently, be suspected of data making a holiday. Subsequently, superintend and director is checked group hunt down factory of plating of one home appliance to be suspected of violating blowdown again in this area.

  Dongguan group: Company report superintend and director is checked more severe

Dongguan superintend and director consults group group leader is to come from environment of bureau of Fosan city environmental protection Xian Guoyuan of censorial substation deputy director general. He tells a reporter, a few days of superintend and director that come examine the action, revealed a province adequately in execute the law strictly, treat stoutly corrupt determination. Many enterprises are mirrorred, the special superintend and director in the province is checked return than superintend of central environmental protection even more severe. “ truth is very simple, superintend and director checks personnel is the environment with seasoned each district executes the law personnel, ground of have a definite object in view is checked, nature discovers a problem easily. ” Xian Guoyuan thinks, investigating is not sole purpose, promoting enterprise punish through investigating the operation just is a purpose. Discover many enterprises are in apparently in the examination perfect treat corrupt establishment, do not cross 10 evaporate ton the following boiler burns coal phenomenon to exist more generally.

Dongguan superintend and director checks environment of bureau of environmental protection of city of group of assistant group leaders, river source the special superintend and director that Zhu Zuji of censorial substation deputy section chief also thinks to save hall to begin examines the action, maintain an environment to execute the law high-pressured posture,

  Zhao Qing group: Carrying burning sun on the head to climb chimney

Works of Zhao Qingtao porcelain is much, in day of this kind of intense heat of summer, enter the trial that the examination is a kind of volition more near furnace of ceramics works kiln. According to Zhao Qing superintend and director checks Hou Zhendong of section member of chairman of bureau of environmental protection of retail sales of group group leader, river to say, the plant of pottery and porcelain that inspects these days is more, whether waste gas steals a platoon for the examination, they should carry burning sun on the head, climb a few meters tall chimney, go looking have bypass, straight platoon, steal the valve of the platoon along scrutiny of kiln furnace young even. Line of “ pottery and porcelain is gone to upgrade kilometre, the kiln furnace that we want to stand by high temperature walks along ” all the way, resemble grilled fish same. Kongfu does not lose an observant and conscientious person, 4 days come, they discovered 2 existence bypass to wait for the enterprise that the environment violates. “ youth performance is good, take the lead in climbing chimney ” , hou group leader offerred sufficient affirmation to the youth in the group.

   River door group: Fishy mud water splashed a suit

Be worth high temperature these days, the 2945 Celsius outdoor, the dress became wet dry, dry wet, this is everyday normal. “ drinks 56 bottles of mineral water one morning, however one bubble make water is done not have, evaporated. Superintend and director of ” river door checks environment of bureau of environmental protection of city of group group leader, Zhuhai Huang Wei of censorial substation deputy director general stands say.

Besides high temperature, they are borne even sewage, effluvial. “ full head all over the face all over the body, to threw a suit turbid! ” Huang Wei stands say, in examination of a motorcycle plant, move to affirm whether mud filter press is normal, let a person give filter press electrify then, abrupt mud, sewage splatters, executing the law in what close quarters checks personnel abrupt is prevented not as good as, turned “ into ” of big beautiful cat immediately, on the hair, on the face, on the dress, touched smelly dirty what still bring toxicity even is turbid. Because was not taken,change wash the dress, rapid nearby uses authority simple in a state of excitement washs faucet, those who bringing a suit is fishy, hurry off to next check check the number of again.

“ must remember preparing guaze mask next time! ” Huang Wei stands say, because set out brash, everybody forgot to wear guaze mask to come over, check workshop of spray of a company once, everybody is forced strong keep back excitant paint flavour, enter a workshop to examine collect establishment. After coming out, throat always is crawly, 9 talents restore.

   Shenzhen group: Carry out first administration to detain case

Finish on June 1 midday after grooming, execute the law by environmental protection of 6 Guangzhou city the Shenzhen superintend and director that personnel comprises is checked group, hurry off to Shenzhen to begin the work instantly. Short between 5 climate, shenzhen superintend and director is checked group already discovered more than 15 to the environment violates a problem, occupy each groups of first places.

“5 day in the morning, superintend and director is checked group in Shenzhen community of sea of Long Huaxin area still carried out first administration to detain case, this also is superintend and director since examining the action, first administration is detained case. ” checks bureau of environmental protection of city of group group leader, Guangzhou to execute the law according to Shenzhen superintend and director Wu Zanqian of section member of censorial detachment chairman introduces, the basis is informed against, that day morning 10 when, superintend and director is checked the group is straight go straight towards Xi Sheng electric equipment (Shenzhen) limited company, execute the law personnel arms parts a way, examine spray paint workshop all the way, examine sewage disposal workshop all the way. Result discovery, the building carries two plasma waste gas on the head to administer establishment to all be had no move, the liquid waste of first floor administers establishment to also move without investment. After spot sampling and investigation obtain evidence, instruct punish of this company stop production at once, give to relevant responsibility person administration is detained.

   Fosan group: Superintend and director examines a process also is study

“ weather is a bit hotter, but these little difficulty, we can be overcome. ” Fosan superintend and director checks watch of annulus of city of group group leader, Dongguan Chen Yaozhong of 3 groups team leader says frankly, in basic level dry a gleam of executes the law everybody, face weather of such “ sauna ” , can be used to, also can overcome.

Nevertheless, the hot photograph that compares other group is compared, fosan superintend and director checks group of heat that encounter to want “ more get the better of one prepare ” . Because be in such old hot days, superintend and director is checked group often should go to ceramics works, aluminous timber plant to check, the temperature inside manufacturing workshop is as high as 40~50 ℃ even.

“ executes the law through such across, can promote communication, stimulative study, acquire not only execute the law experience, and the experience that acquires disparate industry processing, industry government. ” Chen Yaozhong thinks, industry of Fosan pottery and porcelain, aluminous lumber is more, industry of Dongguan criterion papermaking, electron relatively develop, everybody can learn each other, rise each other.

Chen Yaozhong tells a reporter, still discover many “ are messy in the examination corrupt ” enterprise, these will be the keys that each district environment is superintended and administer.