Bossard 2017 year excel of on half expression anticipates

Published on 2019-05-11

 The business of Swiss Bossard group behaves excel this year of the beginning of the year anticipate. Grow in the sale that previous high level continued in all markets after the first season 2017. Such half an year that will producing prep above average to the trend period gain profit expression.

Establish of advantageous business development root is in at its the growing rate of average of prep above of all market area. The United States especially such, europe also is, especially the Asia also is. Accordingly, the group will have the show that prep above gains profit on average. The unified net income first half of the year anticipated meeting comparing 2017 3 last year, lang Gao of 1.3 million luck gives 30% above. Besides prep above average battalion carry gains profit besides development, group also from be in before a location of Austria is praedial extraordinary income is gained on the sale.

Bossard will announce the 2017 sales first half of the year and net income on July 13, 2017. Detailed 2017 half an year period the report also will be announced on August 22, 2017.